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Hello friends,
I am Sameer Bansal final year IT student from MMEC mullana college. Today i am going to share my experience of Accenture recruitment with you. Accenture came to Doaba group of colleges for open campus recruitment on 4th June 2010. 2009/2010 batches were eligible and around 12000 students participated in the written test.

The selection procedure consists of 4 rounds.
1) Written test
2) Group Discussion
3) Technical round
4) HR round
Written test:
(55 questions in 60 mins, no negative marking, no sectional cutoff)
Under 3 sections:
a) English:
*Fill in the blanks type questions for prepositions and articles only.
*2 Reading comprehensions not much difficult and related to some technical topic like RAID, Inter protocol communication etc.
b) Reasoning:  
* Questions like replacing 1 with $ and 0 with * in binary code.
* Changing the places of alphabets in a word.
* Concentration questions.
* Some other reasoning type questions.
c) Quantitative:
* Questions which requires knowledge of union and intersection formulas like A/\B   A\/B.
* Similar figure type questions.
* Some other simple quant questions.

Overall level of aptitude test is medium. Just manage your time and remain cool. At my time cutoff was 34 out of 55. Around 1000 were shortlisted after written out of 12000.
Best Of Luck!
In GD they have group of 16 people. They just see 2 qualities of yours in GD.
1st- Communication skills.
2nd- Group dynamics.
People who think that they are very good at GD's, dont be over confident. Because Accenture wants something else.

Don't worry if you are average in comm skills. Just remember one thing. Don't create a fish market in GD, and never try to interrupt anyone, speak less and politely and wait for your turn. just say 2 or 3 points confidently and politely and you will be selected. they want group dynamics so also give others chance to speak. You can speak less just speak clearly and loudly.
Around 650 were selected in GD out of 1000.

Technical Interview:
Accenture interviewers are realy very good very experienced people and very cooperative in spite of a large number of students they entertain each single person very genuinely.
Go through your current project.
Database. (normalization, unique key, primary key etc)
Simple C program like prime number.
Just be confident and try to explain whatever you know about the questions.

Around 400 were selected after Technical.

HR Interview
Friends if you have cleared the above 3 rounds than you are 80% selected. In HR they ask you just basic questions like your introduction, role model, why Accenture. Whether you are relocatable or not. Just give the interview very casually with good attitude. Very less rejections in this round.

Around 350 were finally selected and i was one of them. And they were providing the offer letters on the spot.

My selection schedule:
Written test: 8:30 pm 4th June.
GD: 6:00 pm 6th June
Tech interview: 12:30 am 7th June
HR interview: 5:30 am 7th June

I hope my experience and suggestions will help you to fulfill your dream of working with Accenture. Beat of Luck. Meet you in Accenture.