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Hello Everybody,

I am Vipendra Gupta from Truba Institute of Engineering Bhopal. Accenture visited our college for the campus drive. It was an open campus and there were in all 5000 persons have come from various places for the recruitment and finally 224 were selected and i was one of them. The post given by them were Associate Software Engineer with a package of 3.1 lakhs per annum.
There were basically 4 rounds of selections. The rounds were respectively
1. Written Exam
2. Group discussion
3. Technical interview
4. HR round
Written Exam
In written exam there were in all 55 questions and an essay which was to be completed in one hour. In 55 questions there were 2 passages followed by 5 questions each. the passage were very simple. The other 10 questions was very simple english grammar. Rest questions were from mathematical aptitude. So to clear written it was very simple and also the most elimination round. Only 600 candidates could clear the written exam.
Group Discussion
GD was very simple and we were grouped in batches of 15. The topic we were given was on Bhopal Gas Tragedy. if you want to clear GD remeber don't be very smart and don't be very dull. Please put up atleast 3 good points. Our GD was of 30 minutes so you can speak atmost 5 minutes. Try to behave in team and don't be very aggrasive.
Technical Interview
My technical interview was of 90 minutes. He asked me most of the questions related my major project so guys if you want to clear any TI round be thorough with your project. He asked me about DBMS and also asked me to make some queries. He asked me about my papers which i have presented. In short whatever you have written in your resume be thorough with that. He will definately ask everything from your resume and you should have deep knowledge of what you have written
HR Round
The final round was very cool and if you have clear the above three rounds than you are 90 percent in unless you do blunder. he asked me the most basic questions eg: describe yourself, hobbies and also gave me situations. He asked me questions regarding my hobbies and also asked my strengths and also to prove them. Be prepare for the most basic questions and you have the questions you are an Employee of Accenture...
Finally, we were distibuted our offer letter. I was recruited on 3rd July and now i am going to join Accenture on 22nd September in Mumbai Office.
Vipendra Gupta