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Name: Biswajit Gouda

Date: 23, 24 & 25 JULY 2010

Place: KIIT, Bhubaneswar.

Accenture conducted an off-campus in KIIT, Bhubaneswar(ORISSA). It was a state level campus. More than 3000 students attended & 204 of them were selected.

4 rounds.

1) Written test
3) Technical, HR (TECH & HR were random).

1) Written test

55 questions in 60 min & then 5 min for essay. Questions were very easy, but time is short. So you need to be fast & accurate. E.g. * is %, % is -, - is +, + is *; then 23+4/5%6-8=? Some basic set theory questions. Some simple permutations and combinations. 2 passages(simple). Analytical around 10 questions. 

2) GD

Group of 15-20 were made. Don’t worry you will be given chance to speak at the end if you haven’t spoken well in the GD. But you need to be effective at that time. Our topic was “News channels create hype or awareness among viewers”. At last he told 4 people to speak and by God’s grace I got selected among them.

After GD they told us to fill up the forms that will be kept as employee records in Accenture . The next day i.e. 24th HR & GD. It was a good Friday for me. I was hoping this goodness will continue till tomorrow.

HR & TECH were random. Mine was first HR. My turn came at 12:30 pm. My HR was a lady. She was cool and cooperative. First she asked me to introduce. I generally speak fast. So she didn’t get my last part of the speech and asked me to repeat the last part. Then asked “tell me anything you know about Accenture”. Here I impressed her very much. “Two Advt &  dishadvt of team work”. Then “3 competitors of Accenture”. I couldn’t answer it. She was astonished coz I have told her so many things about Accenture. Then told “ok tell me 3 top Indian companies & global top 3”. I told her TCS, Infosys, Wipro and Microsoft, Google, Yahoo. She told that I forgot IBM. Then “Family background”.  The very next question she asked made me sure that I m in. She asked me whether I m ok with night shifts, we can put you on any domain, relocation bla bla bla. And all I have to say is “Yes Ma’am”. Then asked whether I have any questions for her. And told me that they’ll just have a background check so please wait.

So I left with the round which eliminated a lot i.e. TECH. My turn came at 9:30 pm i.e. 9hrs after HR  and I haven’t eaten anything since morning. At that time I don’t wanted to give the interview  again but I had to. So I entered the Hall. He was a serious looking person. And the worst part is I was scolded at the outset for not mentioning my branch. Then asked for my favourite subjects. I told C,C++. “Hey don’t tell me C,C++. Tell me your core papers.” Then I told everything in my syllabus computer security, software engineering, RDBMS, OS, etc, etc. He stopped at Operating System and asked about multithreading. Then derived data types, array & sql querry. I answered the query which I think he  was pretty impressed coz he told me that everyone is saying different answers & you saying this, “I m giving you options which one is correct”. I politely told that Sir I  think logically  mine is correct. Then he gave me a simple puzzle which I couldn’t do it & again same ending as the beginning. I thanked him, but no response. He didn’t even look at me. I just looked around the room and come out. It’s needless to say how I was feeling at that time, just surrendered to God that whatever His wish I will accept. Because I had been rejected by TCS, Infosys, Wipro, Zensar, L & T IES and it is quite possible that the name Accenture may be added to the list.

At 11:10pm results were out. And my name was not in the list. I was about to get off from there, a friend of mine told me that he was told that he was selected but name not on the list. Then he asked them and they told we are done, best of luck for your future and you may leave. I can’t explain how was I feeling at that time. Then one of the HRs told us to wait at the back and asked us sometime so that they can have a check if something is left out. We waited about 30min and a list was left out. Here it is. The HR started announcing the names. The very first name she announced was Biswajit Gouda, ya friends that’s me. It was more of like a 2 days movie and I’m waiting for the climax who was a part of it. Then we were given the offer letters at the spot. It was after midnight and was raining like hell. I put all the documents in a water proof bag and opened myself to the piercing rain outside. It was the rain i have enjoyed the most till date in my life and it was beautiful.

So Friends, I would like to tell you that good things or the things that are good for you choose their own time and place and most importantly it’s only and only by the grace of the Almighty. All you have to do is to do what you have to do.

All the Best !!!

See you at Accenture, High performance. Delivered. 

Biswajit Gouda