ABB Interview Questions Contributed by Adithya updated on Nov 2021
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ABB Interview Questions

                                                  ABB Interview Questions

Technical Interview Questions :

It was pure technical and they emphasized more on basic knowledge and application part.

Some of the questions are:

1. What is the schottky diode? And how it works.

2. Draw a bridge full wave rectifier.

3. What will happen if we replace diode by a schottky diode in bridge rectifier?

4. What will be its output wave form?

5. What is difference between microprocessor and microcontroller?

6. What is the difference between 8085 & 8086 microprocessor?

7. How many address bus in 8086?

8. Which type of modulation takes place between tv antenna and satellite?

9. What is PSK,BPSK, QPSK.

10. Which is the smallest IC used as opamp? Ans. 741

11. What are the different pins of 8085 microprocessor?

12. Pin no. of 8085?

13. Block digram of CPU?

Personal Interview Questions :

There was a list of 20 question that was asked by every student. Some of the questions are as following:

1. Introduce yourself?

2. What are your strengths?

3. Give example that you are hard working.

4. Have you ever lead a team?

5. For what you are regretting in your life?

6. What is more important Process or output?

7. What your parent said to you when you were coming here?

8. What are your achievements?

9. What challenges are you facing at this time?

10. What will you do if you are not selected for ABB?