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ABB Candidate-Experiences

                                                     ABB Placement Paper

ABB technical questions with answers
Only technical question was asked. There were 60 questions carrying equal marks with no negative marking.

ABB Questions was like below:

1. In three input NAND gate how many output are 1?
Ans. 7

2. In class b amplifier output signal flows for how much time?
Ans. For full cycle

3. What is the expression for SSB signal?

4. Stack pointer is consisting of how much bits in 8085 microprocessor?

5. In 8086 how many data bus and address buses are multiplexed?

6. Hysteresis loop/ hysteresis loss

7. Frequency change due to counter.

8. Mltistage amplifier.


10. Power factor, if one of the circuit has 0.8 lag p.f. & one has 0.8 lead p.f. then what will be resultant power factoe?

11. Difference between jfet and mosfet.

12. And other questions were from analog, Basic Electronics, Digital Electronics, Microprocessor.