Wipro Technologies Interview Pattern Contributed by Poornima updated on Aug 2019


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Hi All,


Iam attended the WIPRO Technologies Campus Drive Last month.The recruitment drive had four rounds. They are :


1. The Aptitude Test

2. Group Discussion

3. The Technical Interview

4. The HR Interview (optional i.e. Decided after the Technical interview whether required or not)



i) Section 1 : Aptitude Section


It consist of the following sections:


a. Verbal 
b. Quantitative
c. Logical
d. C Language
It is easy to crack this test if you have relevant preparation. R.S. Aggarwal books are enough to crack this. But for C, you need to know basics. 


Essay writing


This was explained to us that it was not an elimination round and so we just needed to write whatever came to our mind about a certain topic. Time limit was ten minutes (tentative) and my topic was "The art and Era of Letter Writing". It was a breeze for me although not writing english essays for a period of about 3 years at a stretch had greatly reduced my writing ability, still I somehow managed to write about two pages of the stuff.


ii) Section 2 : Group Discussion Section

The first elimination round was Group Discussion, English proficiency is a must. Our topic was "What our convener decided that something in which we can all participate into'. There is a catch even if you are not too great in English. You must be willing to participate in the discussion. Make yourself heard. A friend of mine got eliminated because she didn't say stuff loud enough in the bedlam of voices. In my group of 14, 9 went to the aptitude paper. 


iii) Section 3 : Technical Interview Section



This is an important section in the drive.To qualify this stage you must have knowledge in Programming langauage such as C, C++ etc.Wipro selects some persons directly from Technical Round and do not send them for an HR round. And luckily I was one of them. I was directly selected from the Technical round.



iv) Section 4 : HR Interview Section


Some generally asked questions are...

1) Tell me about yourself

2) Favourite Subjects

3) Basic questions from C.V.


All the Best.....