Wipro Technologies Interview-other Contributed by Vinay Agrawal updated on Nov 2019


Wipro Technologies Interview Experience


I am  Vinay Agrawal. I am writting my Wipro Interview Experience here.The drive took place "ITM Gwalior " on Aug 22 and Aug 23. Almost 360 candidates were shortlisted for the drive out of which 33 were the direct interview candidates.But I was not the direct interview candidate so I had to go through all the rounds.

The first round was of GD in which they were selecting 6-7 candidates out of 15 candidates. I was in the last group and luckily I got selected.

The next round was of written exam. This exam was conducted by AMCAT in which there were 3 sections, such as

Quantitative Aptitude Logical Reasoning English

Fortunately I cleared written exam too and shortlisted for interviews.Interview took place on Aug 23. Firstly I had to go through Technical interview and it went for around 25-30 minutes.

Technical interview Questions

I was standing outside the cabin and HR asked me to come.

Qns: I : may I come in sir?
HR : no

I didn’t enter the room and then he said with smiling face “come on yaar, come in”
I entered the cabin and wished him.
I: good morning sir!

Qns: HR: good morning! you are from EC vinay?
 I : yes sir!

Qns: HR: ok! So tell me which is your favourite subject, I have asked this question to many of your friends?
I: Mathematics

Qns: HR: Explain any topic from mathematics which you want
I explained factorial, trigonometry.

Qns: HR: how maths is useful (don’t remember the exact question)
I related my answer to software field.

Qns: HR: tell me something about your project which u have made or are going to make it
I explained the project

He asked 2-3 cross questions on my project and I answered his all the questions. I also answered wrong answer to his one of the question but with confidence and he said “good, that’s what I was looking for (he was smiling at this moment)” (actually he was not looking for right answer but he was looking for confidence).

Qns: HR has a look at my cv and asked about my article which I wrote during B.E. and got published in TOI.
I explained about it.

Qns: HR: why do you want to join wipro?
I answered this question with confidence and told good things about wipro.

Qns: HR: how do you know these things about wipro?
I: through wipro web site

Qns: HR: have you not visited web site of any other company (was smiling in this question)?
I: not so far sir

He asked me about my weakness which I had mentioned in the form and I answered him properly with positive reply at the last.

Qns: HR: ok vinay, I am done, do you want to ask any question?
I: no sir! I don’t have any question.

Qns: HR: ok!
I: thank you sir! Thank you so much!

After around1-1:30 hr I was called for HR and it went for around 45-50 minutes.


HR interview Questions

He asked me to come, but this time I didn’t ask “can I come in sir”, I just entered the cabin

Qns: HR: tell me something about yourself
I explained

Qns: HR: why do you think “punctuality” is important, in fact this is a very common thing?
I explained it with positive attitude and with confidence but still he got stuck to this “punctuality” only. (actually he thought that I will change my answer but I didn’t )

Qns: HR: if I order you to work till 5 A.M. in the morning and tell you to come office at 8 A.M. on the same day, will you come?
I: yes sir I will come

Qns: HR: will you be come if you get married?
I: yes sir I will come

Qns: HR: how will you manage to do this?
I: sir, I will manage somehow but I will come

Qns: HR: why should we hire you?
I told my positive qualities (tell those qualities which you can explain about like “good communication skills, etc.) (I told, “good communicati0on skills, good team player, can manage things well”, told 1-2 more good qualities which I forget this time)

Qns: HR: tell me about any event in which u managed things well
I explained properly but he asked 2-3 cross questions but I answered him.

Qns: HR: why do you want to join wipro?
I told the same answer which I told to Technical HR

Qns: HR: are you able to go to Chennai ?
I: yes sir, I have no problem in it

Qns: HR asked me about my same weakness which technical HR has asked and my answer was the same this time also.

Qns: HR asked about sudden change in my CGPA from 1st se to 2nd sem. I answered him properly (“don’t lie friends, they can catch you very easily, they are very smart”).

Qns: HR: ok vinay! I am done, do you want to ask any question ?
I: no sir!
and then I leave.

Tips: Be confidence, always smile ,should be fluent in English, don’t change your answers (stuck to your point).
My college didn’t revealed the result due to “day-1”.I got confirmation after 40 days through mail from wipro that I am selected and that was the biggest day of my life.
All the best friends…!!

Meet you soon in Wipro!