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Hai everybody! This is manjula from trichy. First I was sad to find no guidance for arts students (non engineering students) . I am a BCA student and I got selected in wipro on 7.10.2007. Selection process:
1.First round a written test.
The test had 50 questions . 20 from English, 20 from mathematical aptitude and 10 from IT awareness. The duration was one hour. Question papers and answer sheets with rough sheets were provided. The whole paper was multiple choice , you have to tick the answer in the answer sheet provided. No negative marking so attend this confidently. Give importance to all the sections.

The English and IT section was very easy. English contained – find the correctly spelt word,arrange the sentences in correct order, active to passive , direct to indirect speech and something like FAST:HARE:: and you have to choose the correct pair similar to this eg. Proud: peacock.

IT contained familiar acronyms number conversions (binary to decimal…..), a C program to find output.

Aptitude covered nearly all chapters like ages, partnership, find next number in series, coding , time and distance venn diagram problem using a,b,c and how many rectangles of so and so size can be formed from a paper of so and so size , etc… 

2.Second round technical:
This is really a confidence test to you so be cool and confident . Speak confidently. Have a smiling face. Prepare all the basic concepts of all the subjects you have learnt so far for your semesters since for some people they didn’t asked special interest and they started asking seeing from mark sheets. For eg: prepare circuit diagrams for AND gate, OR gate etc.. , difference between C and C++, Data Structures . For all these be strong with the basic concepts and for some real time examples. 

3.Third Round HR Interview:
This is again to test your communication skills. So be confident and clear. Listen to the pre placement talk carefully. We thought no elimination in this round but there is so be clear and communicate well. 

Finally they announced the results and was happy to know that I was in the list. There is a bond for 4 years and they make us study MS in BITS , Pilani etc while working .