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Hi everyone ,its been a great experience appearing for all the campus placements happening in the college. It all started with TCS then Infosys and now wipro.

2.75 - 3.25 lakhs p.a. for BE/BTech/MCA.
3 - 3.50 lakhs for ME.
Now the thing is there is a 3 months training, then, after a test it will be decided what slot you land up in.

The company will sign a bond of Rs 75000 for commiting a period of 15 months and after that the money will be returned but without the interest applicable on the ammount.
Finally those who are having trouble arranging the money wipro has a tie up with SBI that a minimum amount of 5000 is to be paid and rest SBI will pay and ofcourse the installments will be deducted from salary.

The PPT(Pre Placement Talks) started at about 9:30 and the team was of about 12 - 15 persons working with Wipro for more than 3 years. Commonly they were for 7-8years working with Wipro.So it felt good to meet people who have worked for a long time with the company.
If all goes well you will find some part of the ppt as really interesting as ("You pass, We Pay", wisdom schools, their tie up with the reputed higher education institutes.It will get long to explain all this.
I found that of the 3 companies only wipro supports and encourages its employees to undergo certificate cources(java, MCSE, redhat linux, etc) and do MBA or MS or whatever they feel like Wipro will sponser if you pass. 

Written test: English (15 Questions)
Though i cleared the written of TCS and Infosys i found the paper of Wipro to be tough.
Not scaring you all
1. Antonyms and synonyms
2. Jumbled(rel easy but if you try it with options)
3. Error finding, speech (active , passive), etc

Overall english was fine but as i haven't read any book about english it was difficult for me to get some words correct. There is no negative marking so it became easy to take chances. Majority part was 'b' and only a few as 'a'

Aptitude (15 Questions)
damn easy but extreme time taking.some requierd logic and direct answer without solving even
1.trains(distance, speed ,etc) find the clock time of approach
2.sorry don't remember much but overall it was fine.

Technical (20 question)
If you remember the concepts and syntax i don't feel it will be a problem. But still fear the worse and try hard on syntax and cram the complexities data of all sorting algos.
1. a*=2 Sol. a=a*a ie a*=n is a=n times a. or a=a^n
2. complexity
3. trees as definition
4. error etection in code
well alot more but were fine. but don't just jump out of you bed and reach there.
do all possible things you can do.

Finally you clear he test. Be sure if there is any negative marking. It was not in our case atleast. Hope the same for you.

Interview Technical
It all depends on luck that what panel you get, for me it was so cool person i was feeling like talking to my senior.

A suggestion from my friend really worked good that reduce the size of cv to 1page. mine was 1.5 page.
1. remove all details you are not confident of and if you have to mention them then add it to "Areas of interest" so that you can say you have an interest in the subject but as you did it as part of curriculum.
2. Add some extra curricular activities if you haven't done any. As was my case.
I'm a computer freak and i did everything in computers.

questions were based on the projects alot. Just explain properly about each detain about the projects you have done. then even if you don't know any answer coolly say "sorry....! I don't know or i don't remember the answere"
If your communication skills are good you will surely get through technical if luck favours you.
Overall tech was fine and it went about 25 mins in mine and in others people were sent back with the HR form in just 5 mins.

HR Interview
The HR round was alot interesting:
1. tell about family and background
2. do SWOT analysis of yourself (strength, weakness, opportunities, threats)
3. you have any problem signing the bond?
4. What is job satisfaction
I hope these are the common questions as i knew that from many she asked the same question. Finally result came at 11PM after a wait of some 9 - 10 hours and i got selected in wipro.

Its beena tough day today had to inform many and do some personal taks.
There is only one thing i feel is that god wanted me to join wipro that even after clearing tcs and infy i got final selectionin wipro. so i feel what i'm supposed to get is mine and i will get it. It is not for me then no matter how much i try i can never get it.

thanks to all who contributed as it helped alot and best of luck to everyone
Aditya Kashyap