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Hi This is paper of wipro on 14-7-08 in nit Calicut  Out of 250,180 selected for technical.73 selected for hr and 59 got placed in wipro at last.

50 marks for 60 min


Two sections one numerical and verbal and other c

Q.paper no we got is 00149 just check once (qp.no in omr sheet)

For section 1 and 2 most of the answers are B and for technical section most of the questions are A


Numerical section total 20  
1)      Page no 299 in rs agarwal aptitude, q.no 60,in ratios.
2)      Three class strengths A: B: C is 4:5:6 if each class strength is increased by 15 then the ratio is 6:7:8 when what is the total strength before increasing.
3)      A, B started business with 50000,60000, C joined later after x months invested 70000 and B withdraws before x months to end of the year. Then what is the ratio of their profit?
4)      Two trains started from A and B towards each other at a speed of 16 and 21 kmph. What is the distance between the stations if one of the trains is 60 kmph more than the other when they met?
5)      A contractor took a contract for 45 days and employed 110 workers. If they complete ¼ of work in 15 days then how many extra workers he need to complete it.
6)      If the simple interest of a amount is doubled in 2 years, then for how many years it take to get 8 times the amount for the same rate.
7)      There are 4 men and 4 women, what is the probability to select 2 women from out of 5 committee members.
8)      The clock is gaining 8 min per two hours, if it is set at 10.10,then what is the correct time if it shows 4.34 on the same day.
9)      A purchased article for 8000 for 20% loss and sold that for 20% profit then what is the cost of the article. (I didn’t remember exact question but values are same and problem also.)
10)  Two problems on data interpretation one question 2 rows and 11 columns filled with numbers from1-22 some conditions given and asked what is the no in 7 column in2 row.    


Verbal and reasoning 20 bits
1)      Some paragraph with blanks in it.2 questions.
2)      Correct spelt words (one answer is currency) 3 bits
3)      Order of sentences 2 questions 
4)       Synonyms
5)      Some odd men out questions.


Verbal is easy you can do it


C section 10 marks
1)      2’s compliment of –2 in 8bit form
2)      In Unix what command we use to copy a file.
3)      Complexity of merge sort (ans O (n) O (n^2))
4)      Main ()
Int x=2
Int y=4 switch (x/y)
Case 1:x=1
Case 2:x=2
Default x=6
Printf (“x=%d”, x)
What is out put?

Like this one more program not on switch
5)      Prefix of  (A+B)*C- (D-E)/(F+G)