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Hai guys,
This is to give the future candidates a general idea about the test procedure of wipro campus recruitment.

1. Written Test: This time they changed the pattern for the test paper. There were three sections.

The first section consisted of verbal aptitude. There were 20 questions in this section. Questions were of medium difficulty level and it included antonyms, filling the sentence with right word, arranging the sentences in logical order etc. The three antonym words were penurious, obloquy, and lithe. This part also included the meaning of simple idioms like ‘to be merry like a cricket’. The analogy questions were the toughest questions of this part. Overall we can say this part had questions of medium difficulty.

The second section consisted of analytical aptitude. There were 20 questions in this section. Questions were really easy. More than two questions used the concept of average speed, and there were questions on average age etc. really simple logic puzzles. Questions worth mentioning are: 1. what’s the probability of getting heads exactly three times in ten tosses. 2. A work is done by 20 people in 28 days working 8 hours shift. If after 18 days only 1/3 of the work is completed then how much more workers be added to work in 9 hour shift so that the work finishes on time (refer any math book and old question papers).

The third section consisted of technical aptitude. This section consisted of 10 questions (surprise!).
1.Resource locks mechanism in OS: its use with 4 options given. only one OS question, no networking question.
2.Architecture of 486: fully custom, hybrid etc. were the options. I think it is hybrid.
3.sizeof(a[4][2]); a is int.

The questions were the toughest in this section and thus the cut-off was low.

2. Technical Interview:  Just general ideas about technical interview. They were looking for good communication skills even in the technical interview. Questions only related to the following subjects: DBMS and PL/SQL (most important); C; C++ (and java if one wants); also basic data structures. This is for CS stream only. Questions for other stream were a piece of cake.

3. HR interview: It was just a formality and rejection rate in this phase was very low. It didn’t take too much time and whole selection procedure which started at 9:00 AM in the morning was over by 11:00 PM when the results were announced.

Overall students appeared = 634;

Qualified for technical interview = 230 approx.

Qualified for HR = 150 approx.

Finally selected = 113