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Hi all,

This is Pratik.....
By god's grace i was selected in Wipro Technology through a campus placement drive held at ambajogai (mah)...... More than 15 colleges participated and more than 1500 stuents gave the aptitiude test.

Here's how it took place..........
1) Aptitude Test- It started at 9:00 am in the morning. The test was relatively easy and consisted of three sections (as always)-

a) Verbal - There were 15 questions in this section
First three were based on a paragraph and were very easy. In fact the answers were clearly visible in the first few lines of the para. After that grammatical type ques like replace with an appropriate phrase, match the words type questions.

Were of relatively easy type.....Cutoff- 8 (out of 15)  .....tentative

b) Anaylitical - There were 15 questions here also....Prblms were of series,codes,cycles etc...One was like this

Find the next no in the series: 1,9,28,65,126,217,344,?
I found them a bit tough to solve.... Cutoff- 8 (out of 15) .....tentative

c) Technical - Here there were 20 que.....Mostly from C,C++......Were easy if u knew the basics. Also father of pentium was asked....(Vinod Dham). U can easily clear this section if u r sound in C,C++ and a bit of computer GK.

Cutoff- 10 (out of 20) .....tentative

After the aptitude test, there was a presentation of the company for about 1 and half hrs after which the results were announced. Shortly after that the interviews began. There were two phases of interviews- HR and Technical. You can get anyone depending on your luck...If u clear that interview (either HR or technical) , u r given a form and told to wait for the other interview.

I got HR first.

2) HR Interview- It began at around 8 20 at night.

Went inside.....
Me: Gud evening, sir

HR: Gud evening, plz take your seat.....

Me: Thank you.

HR: So pratik, tell me about urself.

Me: Told everything....Hobbies,Interests.......One of my hobbies is gathering information about indian railways.....so he asked me about National Rail Museum and about the books i read.....And gave me the form for technical interview....

Took around 15 min.....

3) Technical Interview - It began at 11 15 in the night.

Interviewer: Gud evening, mr.pratik, how r u??

Me: absolutely fine sir.

Interviewer: Have u taken ur dinner???

Me: No sir.

Interviewer: Are u feeling hungry????

ME: No sir. Actually its my pleasure to remain hungry to get selected in the reputed company of yours....

Interviewer: Its not a question of pleasure.You should take your dinner....Anyways lets come to the point. Have u done any projects???

Me: Told everyting about my projects......Actually there were three. He was very impressed by all the three....Asked question about its implementation etc....

Interviewer: So ur interview is over now....If u want 2 ask me something, u r welcome.

Me: Yes sir.In our college there is a rumour that if u want to get selected in a company like yours , u need to have the knowledge of languages like JAVA,VC++ etc. Is this true????

Interviewer: Nothis is absolutely false. In our company, we ourself give extensive training to all our employees so that they can excel in this fields....So we need only technically sound individual.....Anything else????

Me: No sir, thank you.

Interviewer: Thank you too.

Finally next day at around 1 pm results were announced and my name was there on the list...(78 out of  >1500 were selected) Will never forget that moment.

Thanks to freshersworld also for providing all the material that hepled me  lot....

All the best for the future Wiproites.............