Wipro Technologies Interview-other Contributed by Gayathri Lakkamaneni updated on Nov 2019
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HI guys.. 

This is Gayathri.. I hav got placed into Wipro conducted at Prakasam Engineering College AP.i would like to share my interview experiences wdh u..First coming to the selection procedure...
There were three rounds. Written Test Technical Interview HR Interview Most important is the there is sectional cutoff for the written test.
Written test
The paper was on three sections..  1.Verbal (15 Questions)                                                      2.Aptitude(15 Questions)                                                      3.Technical (20 Questions) Verbal paper had the following : comprehension , antonyms , synonyms , find the odd man out n choosing the similar wordpair .  GRE Barrens is the correct book to follow in order to get through the verbal section..The aptitude part was easy to answer..Almost all the topics were covered from RS Agarwal. Atlast the Technical section ..that was on UNIX,C,C++,ComputerNetworks and OS.   Technical Interview The interviewer was looking quiet cool..He asked me some of the basic concepts on C..He also asked me whether i knew any other languages than C...I am basically from ECE departmant..but in knew C++ and Java.. He was surprised when he heared this from  me..also the interviewer on the other side concentrated on how confident i was answering. Never try to bluff them. He even asked me abt my family background..Tats it..He gave me the FORM to apper for the HR..   HR Round The most important round. The HR manager was the senior most of the company..Was serious enough shouting at all the students out of the hall.. He came out and called me for the HR round. But i was cool and never worried about what would happen..He questioned me abt all the companies i appeared before...He also asked me my hobbies ,the awards n rewards i acqired in my curriculum.. He was totally satisfied with my performance..He had a smiling face n wished me "ALL THE BEST..THANKU.." I Was really satisfied with my performance even...Finally after a long time the students were shortlisted and  announced..and I was ONE of them.. BE CONFIDENT WHILE ANSWERING..THATS  THE KEY TO SUCCESS...GET PREPARED FOR ALL THE ROUNDS beforehand.. wish u all the best for ur future...Never take the life light.. BE BOLD B CONFIDENT ,THE SUCCESS WILL B UR's