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Myself Divya Kumar from MIT MORADABAD. wipro visited our campus on 2nd FEB.   here is a brief description of the selection procedure and their question paper.

The interview procedure will consist of following three rounds:

APTITUDE is divided into three part
1)verbal      15 questions
2)analytical 15 questions
3)technical  20 questions

Total:  50 questions Verbal part contains: Unseen passage, Fill in the blanks (tenses and appropriate word) Correct the sentence(by arranging the words), Meaning of idioms and proverbs, (PREPARE FROM GRE BARRON'S OR YOUR SCHOOL GRAMMER BOOK)   Analytical part contains: Simple questions on speed & Distance Probability( like bag containg 3blue 4red, and 5green balls. Find Prob. for a red or blue in a single draw :-Height and distance.
Age, Partnership, Series, Coding(Like if MARE is to NZSD then FLOURISH is to) (PREPARE FROM R.S. AGGARWAL  ONLY)
Technical part contains
Most questions from Pointers, One on Size of data types, Strings,
Q:Who is Father of Pentium? A:Vinod Dham Unix command, Base conversion, Networks, O.S., Logic gates. (READ LET US C & LET US C++)    Attention please: THERE IS A SECTIONAL CUT OFF, SO ATTEMPT QUESTIONS FROM EACH SECTION!   NOW HERE COMES THE GIANT!! the technical interview   Divya plz sit down! May i have ur profile O u know c++! Tellme somthing about it! make a code for binary search!(My friends were asked to make for linked lists also) tell me about LEXICAL ANALYSER(My Project) what are triggers!! what are cursors!! syntax for update command some concepts of file handling Memory management(heap, stack) CPU sheduling(from OS)   OK took this HR form and fill it.   The last hurdle HR was quite easy: Tell me some thing about ur self what do u know about SIX SIGMA Why do u Choose MIT UR rank in Class OK BEST OF LUCK!
n  our college 138 students appear for apti...                       48 for tech..                       37 for HR                       out of which 21 finally selected.   this shows how much they reject in each round!!!!!!   At 9:30 PM results were announced and I got selected!! A LOT OF THANKS TO ALL !!! WHO CONTRIBUTED PREVIOUS PAPERS BEST OF LUCK TO EVERYONE WHO IS GOING TO APPEAR FOR WIPRO                                                          By,  DIVYA KUMAR