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HI frnds..
dis is my xperience bout WIPRO..da 1st one to come for our campus interview..and i got placed.so thought of sharing my xperiences wit u fellas..
but b4 dat thanx to freshersworld.and to all da guys and gals who shared their xperiences.. thanx a lot.

i m Anargha Biswas from ECE.B.P. Poddar inst.of management and technology well,da PPt was supposed to start at 8.30a.m..but dey managed to end da ppt at around 10.45.a pretty borin one. aptitude started at about 11.15.. u guys know da marks distribution.

15 qns on verbal.
15 qns on analytical and

20 technical..
there was a comprehension followed by4 qns..
3 similarity problems.
problems on 'correct sentence','find da gramatical mistakes.' and few other things i don remembr..

Analytical part..
there were problems.easy enough.just go thru R.S agarwal
a probability prob. problems were there on coding and decoding..but dey were all wrong.a problem was there on projectile motion.it was tough..at least i felt so.. and then go thru da problems on simple algebra..there were quite a few of them..

there were several problems on'find da output'.but they were easy enough. then father of pentium..Ans.vinod Dham some probs on C++ like inline fns,advantage of inheritence of class.etc,etc..
one prob.--transform from prefix to infix..
just take care dat u dont run short of time..
out of about 315students 184 cleared da test.

i was in panel no.2.unlike da others there were 2 persons in my panel..each taking interview seperately..
my turn came at around 5p.m..
i entered and wished 'good afternoon'
sir:plz take ur seated.
me:thank u sir.
sir:introduce urself..and thus it started in da most general way..he asked me a few qns like why shud we hire u?and what do u xpect from Wipro.my strengths and my weaknesses.then he asked me bout my BSNL training..i xplained him da few things i had learnt from there..and a few other qns..i cud say he wasnt very satisfied ..nyway he asked me to face da next barrier..da other one seatin in da same room.
that fellow was very friendly.he asked me diff betn.automatic and static storage class..
then asked me xplain da workin of double linked list..da way it is traversed..nxt binary tree.he asked me to draw da flow chart of a=b+c..it was pretty easy.and only 1 qn from 8085 microprocessor.they were friendly enough..just be in ur own self..and frankly admit when u dont know something..
sir:o.k..take this HR form and get it filled..u hav successfully cleared ur technical intrvw..

of da 184 candidates 110 cleared da technical..

MY HR(or PI, as u call it.)
i enterd da hr panel at around 8.30p.m.da person sittin over there welcomed me and asked me to take my seat..he qned me about my family background..then about myself ..and my interests.i had mentioned about rock climbing..he asked me what i had learnt there..and where do i find rocks in kolkata..these qns were in my domain and i was pretty confident..it continued for some 15 mins..
ultimately da results were declared and i was among da 79 students who got thru..
thanx GOD dat i made it in da 1st attempt..
3 cheers for WIPRO..