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hi everyone............this is sailendra from HIT(HALDIA) 
In our college TOP 5 were directly called for the technical interview.
Among others 158 cleared apti out of 300 (approx) wipro came 2 our college on 1st march.........
As always they got the same 3 sections.
Section A:VERBAL (15 Q)
Section B:ANATICAL(15 Q)
Section C:technical(20 Q)

Total time given was 60mins............

Technical portion was bit tough.....as quetions were mainly given from unix.
Rest portion was fair enough... there was a big passage in the verbal section and 4 question followed it.
In maths part quetion were given from (time & work,time & distance,ages,area,numbers,etc)
In technical part output of C code is to be determined.
1) main()
2)question on associativity law in digital logic..
3)complexity of selection sort.
are the few......

Well the technical interview question were mainly asked from ur favourite subjects.
Well mine was DBMS & OS..
Few are list....
1)foreign key,all Normal forms(explanations with real time examples),cursors,query was given
2)regarding OS quetions was asked from Threads,mem mgmt
3)besides this questions were asked from C,C++,DS since i being from CS domain.

after that i was for the HR interview were i was inside for mearly 5 mins..

Few are list....
1)family backround
2)any geog. preferences
3)do u hav any quetions
for the last question try 2 ask few question

finally 82 were selected from 158 students and among the top5 group 26 were selected from 58
a total of 108 ..
wishing all readers good luck...........