Wipro Technologies Interview-HR Interview Contributed by sruthi updated on Sep 2019


Hi friends i am srinivas ALR. here is my experience and it would help u in some manner. in our college wipro held its on campus on 2nd june 2007 Test pattern:
1.written test
2.tech interview
3. hr

The written started at 10:30 am and held for 50 min. around 300 candidates appeared for the test in which 48 got through the written test. and iam one of them. then ppt(pre placement talk) was given by the wipro team. 

The written test consists of 3 sections : verbal, apti, tech (c,c++,unix,os,dbms)

Verbal was a bit easy in the 3 sections which consists of punctuations(2),antonyms & synonyms(4), vocabulary(5),analogies(2).see my frns if u r familiar with gre barrons 12,13,14 editions it will be simple to handle.

Next apti, its hard for our turn so be careful ,and have a good timely thinking rather than in classical way.if u had r.s.aggarwal apti buk for quantitative apti , its sufficient.

Next the techni turn , i am from doman ece so i am good at only c,and we hv to emphasize on c and c++.hv an idea on dbms, os,unix bcoz their weightage is less compared to c and c++.c(7),c++(5),remainig 1 or 2 from each 

The cut off is high , and in wipro written individual cut off marks are considered. so hv a glance at that to survive.after a small time gap at 1:30 2nd and most imp,difficult and elimination round was started i.e,tech round.the int pattern is as follows interviewer :int
me: alr srinivas
int : good afternoon
me: me too wished him
int: tell me abt ur self 
me: as in common blah blah.
(**i presented 2 tech papers in my studies which helped me like the god**)
int :tell me abt 1st paper
me: explained him 5 min abt spintronics which i presented at dgp, nit kolkatta,
int: he was pretty pleased and asked me to tell abt the nxt paper
me: it too took 5 min and the paper is abt celular and mobile comm.
(see guys n gals in our resume we should place the prize winning papers as our achievements in which we catch the concen of the int)
int: rate ur s/w skill
me: c
int: rate ur self in c
me: 6/10
int: wat is the diff b/w union and structure
me :told him with jutification
int :tell me fav subject
me: vlsi
int: teach me
me: taught hiom wat i knew with illustrations and he was all around me and got pretty impressed 
int: told me good and gave hr form
me: took n proceeded to next hal of int
(out of 48 , 32 cleared the tech int and i am lucky to be one of them)

HR int
hr: tell me abt urself which is notin resume
me: told abt my family bagground and my strenghts
hr: present ur paper(again the same)
me: presented with same illustration.
hr: any q 2 me
me: how can wipro maintain the constant growth rate 
hr: explained me.
me: how do maintain good work culture and environment
hr: by recruiting good people
hr: are u good
(a bit puzzled and came to state with in nop time)
me: yes sir iam good
hr: ok u can go
me: got out of the room 

After much awaited time of 2 hrs got the results 18 out of 32 got through wipro and iam one of them ! 

Hope this help u ppl, all the best and get thru wipro, me welcome u all . bye frns