Wipro Technologies Interview-HR Interview Contributed by Chandrima updated on Aug 2019


Hai guys, there are
3 rounds : Aptitude [Verbal + Analytical + Technical], Technical, HR

Total candidates appeared : 240
Shortlisted after Aptitude   : 184
Shortlisted after Technical  : 118
Finally selected                  :  79

Today we've had our 1st official on-campus recruitment & I'm feeling relieved now after the declaration of the results. Just don't get tensed and maintain to keep a smiling face throughout the whole selection-process. Apti-round was a simple one, I really didn't prepare myself thoroughly 
for Aptitude round, just took a look at R.S. Agarwal before the day. It's enough.

Technical :
1). Introduce yourself.
ans: I'm Chandrima from CSE,3rd yr. My background to date has been centered on preparing myself to become the very best performer I can become. First coming to academics -- (told semester gradepoints, H.S. marks, Madhyamik percentage etc.) ... Apart from marks and all these I'd like to tell you one more thing about me, I'm quite ambitious in nature ... blah-blah-blah

2). Why do you like to join Wipro ?
ans: (Honestly telling you, I didn't know too much about Wipro, but since I carefully listened all the points during PPT, so I mentioned some points from it)

If you take a look at my career-front, you can get that I’ve always maintained my position among the top-fives … starting from school & even here too ... to me, intelligent people are those who don't let the opportunities go away from their hands and I also want to be one among them. Since Wipro falls within World's top five IT companies and it also got a certification from CMMi level5, so I want to work with the best

3). Preferred subjects ?
ans: C,C++,Data Structures.

4). Why haven't you written DBMS here ?
( what to say ? ....... I Only gave him a big smile).

5). Okay, let me ask you a few questions on DBMS...
(I got scared, still smiled)... okay Sir, you can ask.

6). Difference between Primary Key and Unique Key ?
ans:Both primary key and unique enforce uniqueness of the column on which they are defined. But by default primary key creates a clustered 
index on the column, where unique creates a nonclustered index by default. Another major difference is that, primary key doesn't allow NULLs, but unique key allows one NULL only.

7). What is Referencial Integrity ?
ans: (Exact answer didn't know ... but told something on Foreign Key and explained with an example).

8). Okay, now I'm asking from your favourite fields ... Difference between C and C++
ans: (Got a scope to give lecture ...) C is procedural language, emphasis is given on functions rather than on data, C++ is object-oriented language, emphasis is given on data, data-hiding options .. by declaring data-members as private, but objects of different classes can 
communicate among themselves through member-functions.. which are declared as public........... etc.etc.

9). What are features of OOP ?
ans: Abstraction, Encapsulation, Inheritance, Polymorphism.

10). Virtual function ?
ans: (couldn't tell the definition but explained with a program).

11). What is structure ?
ans: user-defined data-type, can take diff. types of variables declared within it ... etc. Again wrote the declaration-format.

12). Diff. b/w structure and table ?
ans: (God! Again DBMS!) told only what's table and what's structure ...

Smiled and gave the HR-form, shook hand with me ..............................

HR :

Didn't get a scope to tell about myself much, even couldn't show all my certificates of merits ... since Ma'm was in a hurry.
1). Family background ? (also mentioned that my mother is my ideal woman & I want to follow her)

2). Why is she your ideal woman ?
(told reasons)

3). Apart from household family members, tell me about one woman you appreciate ?
(thought about Sushmita Sen, but didn't mention it ... also thought about Indira Gandhi, but there's not sufficient information about her in my 
store) ... ultimately told Mother Teresa.

4). Reason 
(told nobel profession, charity etc.etc.... but this question was the only one I couldn't answer well)

Didn't ask me any question, only told "you may go n Didn't keep us waiting for long, declared results within a very short period of time. Got
happy to know that my name was third in our list.

Since this site helped me a lot, so I'm posting it today ... bye.