Wipro Technologies Interview-HR Interview Contributed by Samapti Banerjee updated on Aug 2019



Hi frndz…

Myself Samapti Banerjee MCA 2nd year, Haldia Institute of Technology… WIPRO comducted campus interview on 1st and 2nd of march.

Well it was announced by the the recruitment team that top five students from each departments need not require to appear for the Aptitude test…


At about 11 o’clock Technical Interview started. It was a one on one interview.

My first question was from the project. I was asked to give a brief outline of the Project work. Next was TCP/IP model.

Ways to remove redundancy in a database. My answer was Normalization.

What is Unique key, surrogate key and Primary key?

I couldn’t say about Surrogate key.

Four entities were given. Student, department, college and one more was there. I was asked to draw the complete ERD?

What are the ways to reduce complexity in a C program? Talk about using For loop, switch constructs, functions, dynamic memory allocation.

Few more questions on networking since this was the core subject of my Project.

Base conversion in Digital. This was my last question.


The interview was cool. I could answer all ….then I was handed d HR form and told to wait outside.. HR started at about 12.40pm. I was called at 1.15..two questions…

Tell me about urself, your family and your educational background?

Tell me about your favorite subject? How could that help in any organization?

I talked about LINUX and its features and said that any type of network can easily be managed using such an user friendly Operating System..

2nd March 12.15pm results were announced. I was immensely delighted to find my name…

Guyz be cool at the interview…it will definitely help you go through…


Good Luck…