Wipro Technologies Interview-HR Interview Contributed by Piyush Ranjan updated on Sep 2019


This is PIYUSH RANJAN.I am studying in KIIT,Bhuwaneswar.My branch is EEE and I am in 3rd year.Wipro came to our college on 3rd april,2007.

This was the procedure...
1.first round was written.It was quite a tough paper with 15 questions each from verbal,logical and tech.Verbal and logical were quite average if you have prepared well.The tech part contained C,C++,Unix,electronics,etc.The cutoffs must have been on lower side as 7 out of 15 in every section.And one has to clear indivisual cutoffs
2.Then there was a tech interview round.These were the questions which i came across my interview---
INT: Shall i start with OS or language?
ME: Sir,i will prefer language.
INT: So what are the languages you know?
ME: Sir,C and Assembley Language (8085)
INT: What is C?
ME: i gave ans correctly.
INT: what is Kernel?
ME: answered
INT: What is Data structure?
ME: sorry sir,I do not know,as it was not in our course.
INT: What is RS flip-flops?draw the truth table.If the inputs are 1 and 0?
ME: answered
INT: what are different kinds of memory?
ME; answered
INT: what is static and dyanamic memory?
ME: answered
INT: what happens when a computer is switched of suddenly?
ME: answered
INT: what is memory made of?
ME: answered
INT: what is embedded system?
ME: answered
INT: what are PDA's?
ME: answered
INT: How is mobile communication done?
ME: answered
INT: what is full duplexing?
ME: answered
INT: Draw the truth tables of NAND and NOR gate?
ME answered (but by mistake i first wrote the NOT truth table. But i immediately said that this is for NOT nad i will show you for NOR)
INT: any questions you wanted to ask?
ME: Sir, what is the prospect of Electronics engg. in WIPRO apart from embedded systems?
INT: answered
Then he gave me the HR form and asked me to go to HR room. In wipro if you clear tech onlt then you will get HR form.
The HR round was quite easy as compared to tech.He asked me from the HR form. He inquired me about my achievements in sports.He asked me various fielding positions in cricket and services in volley. And it was for 25 mins perhaps. then he said all the best to me and asked me to go.
finally 140 were selected from about 600.And by god's grace I was among them.I ma now aWIPROITE for,wipro i will suggest to go through ones core paper thoroughly and face HR with confidence and energy. But i will like to say that one more thing is very important in interviews, and that is LUCK. your selection solely depend upon the pannel you are getting
So,guys ALL THE BEST for wipro exams.I am sure you will crack it. Meet you at wipro..