Wipro Technologies Interview Experience Contributed by Indranil Mukherjee updated on Sep 2019

                                                 WIPRO Interview Experience

Hi guys, I am Indranil Mukherjee from GCETTS. I am going to share my interview experience with u. Hope it will help you. This year Wipro Technologies conducted a Govt Engg Pool in GCELT where students from different govt. engg. colleges in West Bengal participated. Wipro does not allow candidates with subjects of arrears or backlogs. This year all the eligible students had to register themselves online for the recruitment process and take a print out of the boarding pass. There were 450+ students sitting for the Wipro campus drive and we all were told to report by 9 am. The Wipro officials came around 10 am and after that we had the pre-placement talk in which we were shown a Powerpoint presentation on Wipro. Be careful when the details of the company are shown because you make get a question on that in your interview. We were informed that all the students who were having 75% in 10, 12 and B.Tech don't have to sit for any aptitude test but they have to appear for a technical aptitude round. Although due to some problems and objections they cancelled this and all had to sat for Aptitude exam conducted by AMCAT.


Round 1: The aptitude round was adaptive. Technical questions required very clear concepts of C, DS and Java. They were kind of easy, but some of us said it was quite difficult. Quantitative aptitude was also very easy if you go through all AMCAT questions u will get atleast 80% common questions.Verbal aptitudes were quite tough to be honest but as there was two comprehensions it was answerable. After completing the aptitude questions you have to write an essay on particular topic. (Time limit was 20 minutes) .My topic was " practical knowledge is better than bookish knowledge ". It was purely for HR and it was non-elimination round The aptitude rounds were not very easy, but if one can solve the R.S. Agarwal book, he or she won't be facing much difficulty. About 170 students cleared this apti round. ( Although we got the result on 16th September )

Round 2: On 23rd September we got the mail that our next rounds, which are technical interview and HR ,will be conducted on 29th September at the same venue. We went to GCELT at 9 am. Near about 10:30 a.m. our T.P.O. came and said that there will be a GD round . We were shocked at first as we had no preparations at all. Anyway this round was quite cool and easy. Our topic was "Make in India".Around 140 students made it to the next round.

Round 3: It was 3 pm when our technical interview round stated. To be honest I was very lucky because the panel in which I gave my interview was quite easy to crack. The interviewer was very friendly, a cool man with a relaxed attitude.

Me: Good evening Sir!

I: Good evening, please sit down. I did.

I: So, Indranil how do you do?

Me: I am fine sir :)

I: Great. What was your GD topic.

Me: My topic was "Make in India" a initiative taken by our honorable prime minister.


I: Great..so how was ur performance?And what was ur views upon that.

Me: I replied.


I:I am impressed :) Why do u wanna join Wipro?
Me: I replied.

I: So what is your dream company?

Me: Obviously Wipro sir :p

I: Where do wanna see urself in next 10 years
Me.: I replied

I: okk...tell me about your 3rd year project.?
Me: told about my internship project at ITRA lab. My project was on "Indoor location tracking in a disastrous situation." I also said we published a research paper on that. (He was quite impressed)

I: Okk..Indranil,nice to meet you.
Me: Thank you sir :)

After my interview was over I was quite confused that whether it was my HR round or technical interview round, as not a single question from technical topics was asked. Anyway I was quite confused and tensed too because I prepared pretty well for this round but not a single technical question was asked to me. Meanwhile in the other panels they were taking 30-40 minutes and asking many questions from Software Engineering,C,Java,C++,DBMS,DS etc. Some questions that they asked my friends were :
1. What is Normalization? Write different NFs
2.Diff between RDBMS and DBMS
3.What is pointer.

4.WAP to create a calculator using switch cases in C & JAVA both
5. WAP to add two nos :p
6. Difference between C & Java...and JAVA & Dbms

7.What is SDLC,explain any one

8. What is black box testing etc...... After this round they did not declared any result.


Round 3: After TI they were calling some students for the HR. It was not clear why they called only 30-40 students for the HR round. I was not called for this round :p Some of my friends went through it. The HR interviews were for 30 minutes at-least and they were literally facing questions like bullets. From intricate details of their Resume, to giving different situations, they asked them everything, mostly questions that you can never find in an HR answers page! You need to be spontaneous and quick and you must have confidence. That day interviews ended at 9 am and it was a hell of an experience! 110 people were recruited from different Govt. Colleges by Wipro and luckily I was one of them. :p

All the Best !!!