Wipro Technologies Interview Experience Contributed by A.N.V.K.Chaitanya updated on Sep 2019

                                        WIPRO Interview Experiences

Hello friends,

I am A.N.V.K.Chaitanya.Today I want to share my interview experience with all of you. Hope it will help you.Wipro came to our college on 1st,2nd september 2015.

First round was online test It consists of basically 3 rounds:

1. Aptitude Round -
It is different for students based on our academic percentages. Students below 80%--->Verbal (15) , reasoning (25) , aptitude (15). Total (55) in 70 mins (it was easy but you need to practice). Students above 80%--> technical test based on C,DS,C++,DBMS,Operating systems,Networking etc(14 questions--17 minutes)
2. Short article writing/Essay writing (Very easy)-->300 words
3. Technical + HR Round.

1. Aptitude Round: There is 3 sections:
a. Verbal section of 20 question (very easy): just u have to answer it carefully by reading the questions.
b. Reasoning section(10 question): just you practice some chapters.... i. Blood relation. ii. Directions. iii. Statement conclusion. iv. Coding decoding.

c. Math section(20 question): Students, please prepare for Maths from R.S Aggarwal book for Quantitative Aptitude(at least solve its all example question). Major chapters are: i. HCF/LCM. ii. Percentage. iii. Profit and loss. iv. Time and distance. v. Time and work. vi. Boat and stream. vii. Pipes and cistern. viii. Simple and compound interest (only example questions.). ix. Problem on ages, trains. x. Logarithm. xi. Average. Since the test is online you have to be very careful not to give too much time on one question.Each section has its own time limit.

2. Short article writing:This is a very easy round where you will have to write an essay or article in 300 words within 25 minutes. This is non- elimination round. It is just to check your communication and writing skill.

3. Technical +HR round: This round is only to check you confidence and your little bit technical skill.

Me: May I come in sir?
Interviewer: Yes

Interviewer: How are you?
Me:Fine sir

Interviewer: This is a long at night 8.30pm?
Me:told about past experiences while working in the projects.

Interviewer: Tell me something about yourself
Me: Told name,education,family background,strengths& weakness in details with overcoming methodologies,hobbies,short term goals,role model.

Interviewer: What is the difference between NAND and NOR gates?

Interviewer: If I give ‘0’ as input for the these gates, What will be the output?
Me:told by diagrammatic explanation

Interviewer: What is the difference between Analog and Digital communications & signals?

Interviewer: What is difference between AM & FM? Which is more preferable? Why?
Me:told few difference and individual advantages

Interviewer: What is Intel’s Latest Processor?

Interviewer: What are your strengths?
Me:told with few of my experiences in life

Interviewer: What are your weaknesses?
Me:told with few of my experiences in life and overcoming solutions

Interviewer: What is your general team size in projects? How do deal with the members in the team? Me:told some of academic projects experiences and how to cope up with team and function cohesively

Interviewer: If anybody doesn’t cooperate in team what are the steps you would take?
Me:told few preventive measures and how to overcome barriers with instant solutions

Interviewer: How do you rate yourself in the team management and as a member in the scale of 1 to 5?

Interviewer: Do you know about Image Processing?
Me:No sir,As I was related to Networking stream

Interviewer: What are your areas of interests?
Me:Embedded Systems

Interviewer: What is an embedded system?List any 5 companies who work on Embedded Systems Me:gave answer with a practical example and demonstrated about its future scope and its developments in various companies

Interviewer: As the IT companies are 24x7,Would you like to overwork in the projects at required times?Do you works in any shifts? Morning, night etc

Interviewer: Do you know about the bond?
Me:Yes sir

Interviewer: Can you relocate anywhere?
Me:Yes sir

Interviewer: Do you have any questions for me?
Me:Yes sir what areas should I improve if I join in your company (tricky one)? When will I receive a call letter if my performance satisfies all your requirements? Can you please provide me which is the current project that the company had undertaken, so that I collect information about this? Can you please tell me what are all the things needed to stand unique in a group of candidates?