Wipro Technologies Interview Experience Contributed by Celestina updated on Sep 2019

Wipro Technology Interview Experience


Hi friends,


I am sharing my experience of Wipro Drive (for the post Embedded Trainee Engineer). I am from ECE (2014).


Round 1 : Aptitude Test


1. Verbal + Logical + Some Technical questions


Verbal practice from topics such as Preposition, Word selection(2 unseen passages ) etc.Reasoning practice from RS Aggarwal, Syllogism, Ordering sentence, flowchart (troubleshooting at boot-time), Data sufficiency (4 questions) etc.50 student cleared Aptitude.


Round 2 : Interview


a) Technical Round


The questions asked are given below :


1. Tell me about Wi-Fi?


2. Reverse a string using minimum control variable and minimum iteration and with and without  temporary variable.


3. How much will you rate yourself in C out of 10? and why?


4. From which topic should I asked you from C? (I just start from Data types told him all the topics of C books and last DS topics).


3. Difference between CDMA and GSM, 3G and 2G?


4. Do you know GSM architecture?


5. Do you know about Automotive.


6. What is LAN and WAN?


7. Asked me about final year project, final year training.


8. Wap to check a String is palindrome or not? How many minimum number of control variable you need.


9. What is DNS?


10. Asked me, what are the subjects you learned in B.Tech


I don't know why he asked me from basically from communication me from ECE. I answered all the question with satisfaction.27 student 1st Tech round.


b) HR Round 1


In this round basic questions from C.V are asked.


Me : Good evening sir, may I come in? (although I was partially inside)


Interviewer : Yes Please come in. Please take a seat.


Me : Thank you Sir.


Interviewer :  So Celestina give me an Introduction about yourself.


Me : Sir just for clarification do you want to know "something" about me? or Do you want to know about me? (I guess this was not too risky as I was just asking for clarification, still it should be avoided if possible)


Interviewer : A short Bio-Data will suffice.


Me : Well sir I am Celestina, resident of Pune, passed 10 from Def, 12 from the same school, scoring 80 % and 85 % respectively in the years and n+2, after that I appeared for wbjee and  got xyz rank and via counselling i got into abcdefgh college in the dept C.S.E., and after 3.5 years I am sitting in front of you.


Interviewer :  Family background?


Me : Father's a government employee, mother's a home maker.


Interviewer : Okay, tell me why the C.S.E. department? Why not Civil, Electrical, Mechanical? (point to be noted that I wasn't prepared for this question.)


Me : Truth be told sir I was not really interested in CSE at first. Because when I got my Entrance rank I wanted to go with the flow of things and how my other friends were going into ME, EE and CE. But my father suggested that don't go with the flow. Instead do something which I liked. I realized that since class KG to 12 that is for a span of 13 years I have had constant exposure to a Computer, first learning PC LOGO, the BASIC (Beginner's All purpose Symbolic Instruction Code), then JAVA (Just Another Virtual Approach), so it has left a profound influence in me. Hence CSE was a logical choice of subject preference in college.


c) HR Round 2


Tell me about yourself, About strength and weakness, About relocation, About joining date you expect about the course, then I asked him a question that what are the extra technology I should know.I cleared all the round but don't know I will get or not. Am waiting for result.Finally they select 25 out of 350 students.


See you in Wipro...... Thanks......