Wipro Technologies Candidate-Experiences Contributed by Gupta Prasad Panda updated on Nov 2019


Hello all...I m Gupta prasad Panda from NIST  Berhampur. Pursuing my Btech  in IT .Wipro Had visited our college on 26,27 mar 2008. Ist of all u need 2 b present in d ppt talk ..which started at sharp 9:00am on 26th. The talk was very interesting and please do listen to each and every point very carefully.

After that we were send to write our exams. the paper was of 1hr where we needed 2 solve
20 Ques from English( go through tenses, punctuatuions, etc)
20 from Quant Apti (probability,ratio n prop)
10 From IT awareness (C,DEC,etc)

There is Sectional Cut-Off ...try 2 do each section ..BE VERY CAREFUL!!!!!
Out of around 470 students only,267 qualified for TECH round.n 143 could get the blue form  out of which finally 117 were Selected in HR round..
There were 2 VLSI panels for VLSI trained students.out 267,78 were there for VLSI.
I was interviewed on 27 mar,2008(THU).....
 it was 12:40 by my watch ..n i entered d Panel-6 room..
1st of all he thouroughly scanned my resume.. I had written that i m a ORACLE certified..n Ques were from Oracle only... be careful while making a good resume..do write what u knw ..n no useless thing..or else u can b in trouble.
Ques like wats a trigger,view,unique key,primary key,ER Diagram of Library Info System, Inline  function,etc. by 1:10 my interview was taking an end,,,n 2 my suprise he gave me the blue form..of  WIPRO.. i was nearly75% sure at that time.. abt my selection..
Do fill up the form with utmost care!!! Do carry your passport size Photos.
HR Round: at 11:55pm.on 27 mar!!
out of 143 selected blue forms..all were interviewed and to god's grace i was the last one to be interviewed in our college.
me: "good evening..mam!!"..with a cheerful smile..
mam: "good evening..oh u look so cheerful.."
me: gave a nimpressive answer!!
mam: Say abt optimistic(As i had written in my blue form my strength is optimistic)
me: answered impressive...

Do try to answer in a relaxed fashion..have a gentle smile..and dont get distracted by any ques... no one will try to fox u...be cool..have a good get up..and try to look as fresh as  u cn b!! HAVE FAITH IN URSELF N GOD....

After my interview,,we were told that result will b out after an hour...and at 1:24 am 28 mar  results were declared .117 students qualified WIPRO..It was a Huge milestone for me n my college..n we r really proud.. So hope u all do well n u get thrugh wipro!!!
See u all at WIPRO Technologies,Bengaluru!!!!
Byee......n..All d Best for WIPRO!!!!!