Wipro Technologies Candidate-Experiences Contributed by Jai updated on Nov 2019

Hi ,

On 20-feb,
I cleared all the raounds but still waiting for call.

on 20 th feb pattern was: 15 ques. on verbal, 30 on Appti and 35 on technical.
90 minutes for 80 ques.. that was sufficient.

3 rounds (written , interview, HR)


15 Verbal
1. words like misanthrope, chew the cub(idom), rennovation,
2. Paragraph reading.. u have to derive conclusion and justify which type of para it is like analytical, philosophical, etc.

30 APti
1. 14 X 14 squares will make howmany rectangles.
2. problems on trains, boats(downstream upstream)
3. reasoning like who is sitting in left etc.
4. problems on ages
5. Sure shot questions.."A frog can lift 3 meters and slips down 2 meters in a day. He is in a wall of 30 meters. Which day he will come out from well." Ans 28th day.
6. A large calculation on pythagorus theory.
others are easy calculations

35 TC

1. Protocols.
2. C array pointers
3. boolean circuit.
4. white and black box testing.
5. Fundamentals
6. Operating systems concepts

they all were easy ques.

Interview :-

They asked about the project that I have worked.
Question on C pointers , memory managements.
It does not matter in which stream u r . They r going to ask on the same thing that u r working with or have worked.

HR :-
No strange.. "Tell me about ur self and family back."
"What have u done after UG/PG"

(Paper Submitted By : S. S. S.)