Wipro Technologies Candidate-Experiences Contributed by Akhil Kr. Saxena updated on Jul 2019


Hello there..... Lets start by saying...."I will make it.....I will make it...."

Trust Me Friends.....Sometime back...I was siting at your place...and was really nervous...and had loads of questions on my mind.....wondering if what I was doing was of any worth. And now I am sitting here......and I can proudly say that "I got into WIPRO!!!!" Trust Me...it all happens in 3 steps.... Step1:Believe in Yourself   Step2:Find out what needs to be done   Step3:Go for it!

Since U are on this page...it is very much clear that U believe in yourself...so U have already passed Step1. Now U are on Step2. I'll tell U exactly.....what should your approach be...
The Recruitment Procedure in divided in 3 stages. First is a Written test.

W R I T T E N    T E S T 
There are 50 Questions in total and these 50 questions cover three sections.
SectionA->English.....20 Questions. All U have to do is work on a few Word Knowledge exercises of Barron's Guide. The questions test your Vocabulary. However if you DONT go through the Barron's Guide.....Trust Me....U will find the English Section. VERY VERY TOUGH.

SectionB->Aptitude...20 Questions. The Questions are easy.....very simple Mathematics.....Just do some questions on Average, Time& Work, Time & Distance,Percentage,Probability and some simillar topics. You will find almost all of this in R.S.Aggarwal. But dont go deep in every chapter. Just do 3 or 4 basic Questions on each topic to get a feel of the basic concept.

SectionC->Technical....10 Questions. These Questions are a little tough. Mostly "What would be the output of..." types. Knowledge C/C++ concepts is required.

T E C H N I C A L   I N T E R V I E W 
I just have to say one thing here.....The interviewers will ask questions ONLY AND ONLY from those subjects that U have mentioned in your cv. Plus DONT WRITE tougher domains like DAA or COMPILER or even Data Structures if U are not comfortable with them. The Interview lasts for 20 to 45 mins,and they ask simple questions on the subjects that U have mentioned in ur CV. Also.......if U write about any PROJECTS.. then make sure that U know how your project works.

They also check your confidence level and ur communication skills.

HR   I N T E R V I E W 
This is the last stage...and here they just check your Spoken English Quality and Fluency. Apart from this....they also analyse your attitude. The questions that they asked from Me were....

1.Tell Me about yourself?

2.Tell Me about your strengths and weakness.....I want to know this so that I can judge if U would be a suitable candidate for Wipro?

3.Tell Me about your Family?

4.Why do U want to join Wipro?

5.Why should Wipro hire you...what do U have that others dont?

6.What do U know about Wipro?

7.Where do U see yourself five years from now?

8.Had U been in My place....what would have been your decision?

9.Do U have any location preferences?

10.Are U willing to sign a contract with Wipro Technologies?

My word of advice would be to stay confident throughout the Interview.......and dont try to be someone else. Stay positive and Be Yourself.

At 11:30 in the night...they declared the results...and I was very Happy to know that I was selected.

Trust Me Friends...with the right approach...and the right mindset.....U will surely get through. I hope that by reading My experience stated above...U will have an idea about their expectations. Now make up your mind...and GET SET GO!!!! And lastly.....BIG THANKS TO www.freshersworld.com for providing me with a huge amount of valuable information, and also to all the nice people who share their experiences though this platform.

All the BEST of Hardwork....and GoodLuck!

Akhil Kr. Saxena