Wipro Technologies Candidate-Experiences Contributed by Saurabh Sharma updated on Nov 2019


The aptitude test started around 11am.It had three sections.

Section 1-- English
There was a passage given and we had to answer few questions(four, to be exact) related to the passage.The questions were basically a conclusion to the passage

The we had some questions on vocab. and analogy. The English part was quite simple and the cut-off could have been easily cleared.

Section 2-- Aptitude
There were lot of questions on quanitative aptitude and some verbal ability. Quantitative included problems on time and work, Ratio:Proportion and and some common logic questions.I had not solved the previous examination papers of Wipro, but my friends' said that there were many questions that were repeated..So go through all the papers that you get on the net.

It was also an easy section to pass..

Section 3-- Technical
This was the only section that was tough..And let me tell you.It was really tough.Not that the questions were tough.But the answers were very tricky. All the options were very close to each other. By, Saurabh Sharma