Wipro Technologies Candidate-Experiences Contributed by Ashish Kumar Agarwal updated on Nov 2019



From long time back there were talks that wipro would soon be coming to our college for campus recruitment drive. All of us were waiting desperately to welcome the market leader. And finally came the big day…February 26…the day when WIPRO came in search of us!!!


We were called at 7:30 in the morning and the PPT (Pre Placement Talks) session was expected to start at 8:00 AM . The PPT session made us familier with WIPRO and its various branches. It was a great session presented by a superb person having great communication skills.

Now came the time for the toughest round…the aptitude test…it was a good paper having three sections. 
First section was the VERBAL which consisted of 15 questions. It had questions concerning vocabulary, your sentence editing strengths and 5 questions were based on a short passage. It was the easiest section of the paper and I was able to attempt 13 questions out of 15. 

Second section was the analytical section again having 15 questions. It was tough than section A but easier than section C. 


And the last section of the paper was the most difficult one consisting of 20 TECHNICAL questions. All questions in this section were framed to ease the CSE/IT students (as I feel although I wasn’t that good in this). This was not very lengthy test and no one asked for more time (against the usual case in every examination!!!). 


Now the test was finished and we started waiting desperately for results. After about 2 hrs, the results were out (and luckily, it had my name in it!!!).

Now came the time for technical interview. It was quite tough to decide to which interviewer you want to prove yourself. Finally following my friend’s advice, I decided my interviewer and approached the door of his room quite confidently. Politely I asked for his permission to get into the room. And then waited for the moment when he asked me to take my seat (DON’T GET SEATED UNLESS HE ASKS YOU TO DO THAT). Now the first question was to describe myself to him. As it was a technical interview, I wasn’t required to tell him about my family or my hobbies. I went straight with my technical qualities and achievements and didn’t stop till another question was asked from me. 

He started asking me questions related to java but I wanted him to ask me C. but unfortunately he didn’t knew C (as I felt) and now the deciding point came…he (in a way) challenged me to solve a question and if I go through it, I’ll get the HR Form and thanks to God, I knew the answer. But it was not over here. He asked me bout my preferences in domain but I didn’t had much exposure to industry to decide which domain I should go for. So I left it on him saying that I rely on Wipro that based on my performance in training sessions, it would decide the best I could achieve and according to me, this was the answer on which he gave me the HR form. Happily I thanked him and quit the room. It was so good to see that I was through the toughest part of the interview and happily started filling the HR Form.

Now my HR Form was deposited and I got a call for the short HR Session. The HR appeared to be quite rude but I guess it was his job in order to judge the candidate. He threw his hand to greet me and I taking all my opportunity shooked his hand firmly (in a very muscular manner!!!). The first question was about my gap year after 12th standard. Carefully I tackled this question and now came the next bullet to face…3 REASONS WHY WIPRO SHOULD HIRE YOU…though I was quite familiar with this question but the case was not the same with the answer. Now very diplomatically and proving each and every point, I mentioned the 3 reasons…

I am a team person. I am a fast learner and I am a student of CS branch which is directly associated with Wipro.

This ended my HR session and I was quite confident to clear the session.


Now at 0030 hours, came the time for final results. In all, 67 students were recruited (double of previous year’s recruits) and I was among them. And believe me I didn’t know ho to react. I mean this was the time when a dream comes true. I got a job at Wipro and I was at the top of the world. I don’t have words to explain my reaction. After declaring the results, the Wipro team wanted to meet all the recruits. There they briefed us what all they expected from us and how good they felt during all this session. It was a lifetime achievement to hear them but believe me; the excitement was that I flew from the college at 1 at night to my home to give them this great news.


Believe me, during all this session there was a force working on me which pushed me into Wipro. So my word of advice would be, don’t forget to perform all your prayers before every session. I really thank God to push me into wipro.


So, good luck to all those appearing for recruitment drive. I know this was quite a long explanation, but believe me; I couldn’t explain it in more brief telling each and every important point.


Ashish Kumar Agarwal