Wipro Technologies Candidate-Experiences Contributed by Shraboni updated on Sep 2019



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First of all I would like to thank freshersworld.com for there valuable information regarding everything that I needed for placement preparation.

Believe me go through all the new papers available here n it would definitely pep you up ..


I would share the technical interview experience with u all .this is the major filtering stage.  a lot of students got rejected…
I had one of  the longest technical interview lasted for around  45 minutes)
Keep in mind they don’t want genius students. many students in my batch are very intelligent.they had made many projects ,had under gone many training programs,and this proved a disadvantage for them..they were  suggested to work for core companies as software company like wipro is not the right choice.n hence were rejected but yes they lacked communication skills.


Even in the technical round they see your communication skills.
For me my schooling proved advantageous.he asked me about my school,my subjects taken in 12th std..
i had a general hr round for first 15 minutes.i had mentioned in my cv that I have good decision making abilities.he asked to give one instance where I used this skill.i gave a very good answer .he was very impressed by it.he went through my file for quite a time..and then asked me about my areas of interest.i answered microprocessors.(always remember tell d subjects u r sure of coz u cant fool them..they are thoroughly prepared n look out for basic conceptual knowledge, ur confidence level)


He made me write assembly language programs to add two numbers and store d result in the accumulator.asked to to modify the program and use another addressing mode,asked d difference between mvi and mov command.various addressing modes,asked which one is better 8086 or 8085,then asked me to explain instruction set, who makes it how does the microprocessor work.wat is it made up of..and then he brought me into flipflops..because I mentioned flipflops as an answer to a previous question.asked me about gates.made me draw  universal gates.there truth table.very soon he switched to memories.came to rom.i understood where he was heading to.he was wanting to check my general knowledge.asked types of rom.xplain d difference between static ram n dynamic ram asked d function of bios.asked wat an operating system is can an operating system work without bios.i said no.he said yes..we had a funny argument on this I disagreed with him.n..

then on paper where I had written the assembly language programs he asked me there execution time.u have to b prompt.since they were memory read and memory write cycles they would take 4T states.i drew the timing diagrams.asked about the time required for execution of an interrupt.its 8T states.asked about risc and cisc architectures.i answered dis I didn’t know the exact difference.but I told Pentium and ibm power pc use them.so I covered up for the loss.he started to xplain risc n cisc n asked me to draw the conclusion, asked me to xplain interrupts.i started with classification of interrupts..mentioned abt hardware and software types,there classification,n how an interrupt works in 8085(a very good conceptual working is given in gaonkar)I answred dis question for around 10 minutes..asked me y do we need programming languages.i xplained it had mentioned compilers in my answer.so  asked  how a compiler works?(I am an ec student.i didn’t have compilers as a subject but I had prepared the basics of it.)I mentioned the different phases the lexical analysis.,coding,told abt parsers,methods.was impressed verified my branch again.:)then he asked wat are linkers.how are they related to compiling.i xplained how it generates a source file.n an .exefile.asked abt assembler drives.types.

since I reminded him I am from ec.he asked do I like communication ..i said yes. asked what is  am,fm.which is better. asked wats psk?i only knew the full form as its in dcom I hav dcom in 6th sem.asked y does one need modulation. advantages of digital comm. Over analog noise reduction,repeaters.n all) then he switched to c.i told him frankly I know only the basics. he asked wat do you know in basics. I said datastructures,I can  explain algos but not good at programming. I made maximum number of guesses in this section. he was impressed by my confidence to even give wrong answers. I was real lucky. I couldn't answer a question on pointers,enum.structures.ultimately he gave me choice to xplain anything I know. I started from from classification of data structures.xplained linked list. he then put up a question on linked list which I managed to answer. asked about sorting, I answered a bit of hashing and techniques..

I suppose he was content .he happily gave me the hr form n asked me 2  speak less.


HR round(4 were rejected )

I was the second to b interviewed.i  was nearly breathless when I entered the room.they noticed it.

Sir: how r u ?

Me: (I was taken aback by such a question)answered fyn sir.

Sir: u seem to b quite breathless.are u tensed?

Me :absolutely not sir

Sir: how r feeling ryt now?

Me: I was shocked again by the questions he was asking.i answred him I am quite xcited,n happy bcoz I cleared a tough written exam.cleared a long tech interview.

Sir: how long have u been waiting?

Me: not very sir just around 45 minutes

Sir: r u bored?

Me :not at all

May be he was checkin how prompt i was in answering

Sir: y do u want to improve motivational skills?

Me :I had mentioned in the hr form that I want to improve my motivational skills.i explained him how I wanted to be more convincing,wanted to have a positive influence on my work mates

Sir: that means u r self centred?

Me: no sir.want to enhance leadership skills

Sir: ok..same old question.why should wiro hire you?

Me: I just dont know what made me say  dis I confidently said “wipro should hire me bcoz wipro deserves me n deserve it too.

Sirn mam: both had “taken aback kind of expression”but were impressed

Me: I continued telling that I am a constant learner, can acclimate easily n a very creative person and ended by saying that I would definitely prove a valuable assest to the company

Sir: your places of preference shows your calculative approach

Me: I had mentioned(gurgaon,Bangalore ,Hyderabad)so xplained y I chose gurgaon.told him that I am the youngest member of my family.very attached to parents.i can visit them often.n Bangalore coz I have stayed there for 7 years.and I really wanna see how Bangalore has changed over the years,interrupted me

Sir: where did you stay in Bangalore

Me: indiranagar

Sir: what if I send u to work in sudan ?

Me: since sudan is an underprivileged country I would first think about the job security,the allowances that would be provided,speak to employers already working there and take back their feedback.and even if its an unfavourable response I would definitely go coz a company like wipro hiring me.. i would at no case lose this opportunity.

Sir :very impressed,exclaimed good!!

And I was asked to leave.

All they see in this round is how attentive u are,communication skill is very very important.n keep in mind you must be aware of what you fill  in the hr form .dont take this round lightly.seriously hr is not a formality.students get rejected even in dis round.


The result was declared at around 11:30 pm.n I was selected.

Final selection:26


All the best