Wipro Technologies Candidate-Experiences Contributed by Anil Kumar updated on May 2019

Wipro Technologies campus recruitment experience shared by Anil Kumar


Hi.. I am Anil Kumar. I am a student of final year engineering in Electronics and Communication stream. I am here to share my experience of my campus interview with 'Wipro' and tips to crack it.

Wipro Technologies had visited our campus for an On-Campus recruitment drive on 17/09/2012. Around 196 students from many branches(both IT and Non-IT) had registered for it. I was selected for a direct interview, without writing aptitude test (provision for students with above 80% score in 10th, 12th and UG). 

First we had a 'Written Communication Test' where we had to write an essay on 'Effects of global warming'. Later we were called for Technical interview. It was a one-to-one interview round where our programming skills were tested. I had to face a senior panelist. I was scared at first. But he was very friendly so I could clear the round like a cakewalk. He asked about my projects, achievements and I explained it well (This is a point where you can impress the panelist. Be confident and explain the things to the core). 

Then he asked me to write simple C programs like factorial of a number, generate fibonacci series, swap two numbers without temporary variable and I did it well (He might keep on interrupting you in between to check your patience and concentration. Be cool and answer any questions neatly). He asked a few questions on DBMS which I struggled to answer(Even if you dont know the concept, dont let it off as it may lead to your elimination. Give it a try or atleast pretend as if you are trying ;) ). I was confident throughout the process and it went for some 15 mins. Few students who had met junior panelists in the first round had to undergo another Technical round. I was lucky to have only one). Elimination here was around 20% of total count. 

Next we had to face HR interview. I was again lucky because I was the first among all 196 to take up this round and the panelist welcomed me to the cubicle as if I was going to be crowned as the king!! It was an easy process which went for around 5 mins. He asked me questions like: 

Why did you choose this college? 

Why should we select you? 

Why did you choose Wipro than other company?(Yes! they will specify that 'other company' name. Just see to it that you say good things about Wipro and not to underestimate other company as well). I was informed about their bond(they have a bond for 15 months worth Rs.75000) and I agreed to that. Again this panelist was really friendly (It may not be the case with other panelists as they may take you through stress interviews or ask tough questions. Be cool and handle it well). The results were announced after some time and I had made through!!! I was excited to listen the words "Welcome to Wipro family" by them.

Some important tips and points : Though Wipro is an MRC, it wont just give a programming job to all(unlike other IT companies). They have their wings spread acroos all other sectors including VLSI, consumer electronics, telecom, healthcare. A placed student will be assigned to projects related his/her own branch(I have heard so). Make it as a strong point for the question:Why you chose Wipro? IT students be thorough with all programming concepts(including C, C++,java,MySQL,DBMS,C# or any other languages you know). Non-IT students atleast be thorough with C,C++,DBMS(Knowledge of java will be a plus). 

Areas to concentrate: pointers ,functions ,structures,sql queries. Also be thorough about your projects. Never underestimate anything. Dont be nervous or over-confident. Work well on your English and programming skills. Non-IT students be prepared with any one subject of your core branch(also should have strong basics of your branch subjects. Esp. mech ppl will be targeted sharply in interviews).

Though we had many leading companies visiting our campus on the same day, I chose Wipro among them without any idea about what the profile is. But now I feel that I have done an absolutely right job by choosing Wipro. Interviews are conducted in a very standard manner. Clearing is easy. Remember that its only your confidence that can sail you safely through the process. ALL THE BEST!!!