Wipro Technologies Aptitude-General Contributed by admin updated on Jun 2020
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  • Mellifluous : cacaphony
      Ans : fragrant : noisomeness

  • Evasive * Frank

  •  Deteriorate : Improve

  • Sentence completion exercise B (Gre Barrons) -Question Number 2 - 

  • Sentence completion exercise B (Gre Barrons) -Question Number 6 - 
      Ans : nonchalance ... diligently

  • Sentence completion exercise B (Gre Barrons) -Question Number 7 - 
      Ans : querulousness ..... affably

  •  Some sentence completion ... abt milkyway 
      Ans : refinement, ...(i am not sure jus chk it)

  • John weighe twice as much as Marcia. Marcia's weight is 60% of Bob's weight.Dave weighs 50%
     of  Lee's weighs 190% of John's wight. Which of these 5 persons wighs the least?
      A) Bob B) Dave C) John D) Lee E) Marcia
      Ans) E

  • A trip takes 6 hours to compleate. After traveling 1/4 of an hour,1 3/8hours, and 2 1/3 hours, how 
     much time does need to compleate the trip?
      a) 2 1/12hours
      b) 2hours, 2 1/2 minutes
      c) 2 hours,5minutes
      d) 2 1/8 hours
      ANS) B

  • It takes 30 days to fill a laboratory dish with bacteria. If the size ofthe bactiria doubles each day, 
      how  long did it take for the bactiria to fill one half of dish?
      Ans) D ( 29days)

  • A car wash can wash 8 cars in 18 minutes, At this rate, how many cars can the car wash wash in 3
      hours? ANS) C ( 80)

  • If the ratio of the areas of 2 queres is 2:1, then the ratio of the perimeters of the squares is 
     ANS) C ( sqrt(2):1 )

  • There are three types of tickets available for a concert: orchestra, which cost $12 each; balcony, which cost$9 each: and   box, which cost $25 each. There  were P orchestra tickets , B balcony tickets, and R box tickets sold  for the concert.Which of the following expressions gives the percentage of ticket proceeds due to the sale  of chestra tickets?
    Ans) B 100*12P/(12P+9B+25R)

  • In a survey of town of Wasco, it was found that 65% of the people surveyed watched the news on television,  40% read newspaper, and 25% read a newspaper and watched the news on television.What percent of the people surveyed neither watched the news on the television nor read a newspaper?.  Ans: (E)20%

  • City B is 5 miles east of City A. City C is 10 miles southeast of City B. Which of the following is the closest to  the distancefrom City A to City C? Ans: (D) 14 miles

  • If the area of a square increases by 69%, then the side of the square increased by  Ans: (B) 30%

  • There are 30 socks in a drawer. 60% of the socks are red and  the rest are blue. What is the  minimum number of socks that  must be taken from the drawer without looking in order to be certain that atleast two blue socks have been chosen?
    Ans: (E) 20


  • problem on series non verbel series around -12 questions

  • problem on direction test

  • problem on logical venn diagrams - 10 questions refer test of reasonong Agrawal page 239

  • blood relations problem ans) Nephew

  • analogy, bouquet: flower :: chain: link--ans

  • try questions non verbel reasoning 97edition RSAgrawal Questions: 1,2,4,6,16,14,22,23,24,21

  • pick oddex 2,4,6,5,8,10 ans 8

  • Data intepretation years Vs Banks six questions  check in RS Agrawal


  • OP of the program
        char a='\123'
        printf ("%c \n",a);
        return 0;
       1)ascii value of 121
      3) 3
      4) none of these

  • 2 questions were based on GSM                                                                      
        (i) which .... is used to by GSM to interact with PSTN
        (ii)  dont remember

  • Which key in any windows screen is used to invoke file menu   Ans :alt+f

  • Which is layer 3 connection less protocol
      a) IP
      b) ARP
      c) TCP
      d) UDP

  • Which is the latest OS
       a) XP
       b) NT
       c) 98
       d) 2000

  • stacks and queues are
      a) primitive Data strucs 
      b) Non - primitive data strucs
      c) non linear ....
      d) data types

  • For mobile comm
      a)  downlink freq > uplink freq
      b)  uplink > downlink
      c)   none
      d) equal

  • Pipelining : ....

  • Some question based on prototype model (s/w engg)

  • Which is linear model
         a)  water fall model
         b) classical
         c) chaos model    

  • In queue where do u insert a data
       a)   front
       b)   rear
       c)   middle

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