Wipro Technologies Aptitude-General Contributed by Priya updated on Jun 2019
WIPRO PAPER ON 24th JULY 2006  AT  MUMBAI   Hi friends,

              I am Priya and I am elated to say that i have been placed in my dream company 'Wipro' on 24th of July.

    Well Question Paper Pattern is as follows,

       1) Verbal (15 Questions) (Normal active, passive voice, add punctuation mark, complete the passage with appropriate words sort of questions)

       2) Quantitative (15 Questions) (Only clear the basics of math’s like sums on ages, percentage, logical reasoning, mental ability sort of questions)

       3) Technical (20 Questions) (don’t get baffled just try out ur knowledge and ur 3yrs of engg experience for technical section)


Every section has a cut of, try to attempt as many questions as u can; i attempted 12-15 questions from each section correctly. Every section has a cut off, be careful!


Technical round:

 He asked me questions related to projects which I did throughout engg course (as we have mini projects in our 6th semester), also he asked me two logical questions like there are 2 tanks frm which 1 is fully filled with water and the other is empty and it had no markings for measurements and given are mugs with 3 and 5 liters marking. We have to fill the empty tank with 4litres of water.

 Soln: First fill 5l+5l of water in the empty tank and then remove 3l+3l of water frm it left= 4litres.

 And some vending machine question. Also he asked me questions on pointers, arrays, masking.

Prepare for the basic concepts of c,c++,rdbms,unix,sql etc that will be enough.


Hr Round:

 It was just a formality; he asked me only 3 questions

1)      Why Wipro should hire u?

2)      Tell me something about yourself?

3)      Any questions?

That’s it!

     You need to have a great command on English language + Logical Reasoning. Believe me it is not that tough to get through. Prepare Well, ALL THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!