Vedanta Resources Whole-Testpaper Contributed by Pushkar Bakore updated on Oct 2019

Date: 12th November 2011

Location: College of Engineering, Pune (COEP)

Hi friends, I am Pushkar Bakore from Electrical Engineering. I got selected in Vedanta Resources through Campus Interview at our college. I wish to share my experience with you all.

The Pre-Placement Talk was scheduled to start at 9:00am, 12th November 2011, but because of some heavy rains in and near Pune, it was postponed at 12:30pm.

The PPT lasted for about 1 hour. After that, the aptitude test was announced which consisted 35 questions. Students needed to solve the questions in 45 minutes.

Test was quantitative, which consisted of questions most of which were from the R.S. Aggarwal Book. The questions were very simple but speed was the main factor. There was no negative marking in the test.
At 3:30pm, they announced the results of Aptitude Test. 20 students were shortlisted. 4 students were from Electrical Engineering.
The technical interviews began at 4:00pm.

My interview took place at about 6:30pm.
Interviews lasted till 8:30pm and the results were announced at 9:00pm.

By the mercy of Lord Krishna, my name appeared in the selected candidates’ list. J
The screening of students took place in three steps:

1. Very Tough Eligibility Criteria
(Vedanta never ever changes the criteria at any campus drive)
2. Aptitude Test
3. Interview (Technical + HR both at the same time)

Eligibility Criteria:
1. Candidate must not have crossed 24 years of age as on 30th September 2009.
2. Candidate must have achieved first class in his/her 10th and 12th standard with single attempt.
3. No year gaps are allowed in between.
4. The candidate must be having No Keep Terms/Backlogs History and must have got above aggregate of 60% or first class in his/her Engineering.
5. The candidate should not have more than one-year gap between 12th and engineering admission. No Diploma / Lateral entry engineers.
6. They should be medically fit as per our medical norms; eye power should be within limit of +/- 4 with no color-blindness.
There were separate marks for aptitude test and interview. The combined total of all the marks was taken for the final results.

The aptitude test consisted of problems from the following sections from R.S. Aggarwal Book:
1. Data Interpretation (Bar Graph problems)
2. Aptitude questions (simple Mathematics)
3. Venn diagram questions
4. Jumbled puzzles
5. Questions from Analogy
6. Probability
7. Chain rule
8. Allegation of mixture
9. Problems on Area
10. Problems on Average
11. Problems on Percentage
12. Problems on Trains
13. Profit & Loss
14. Volume & surface area
15. Series Completion
16. Coding and Decoding
For Data Interpretation, refer R. S. Aggarwal book thoroughly.

1. Tell me about yourself in 1 minute
2. Working principle of Tubelight
3. Why are High Voltage Transmission Lines (132 kV) at a higher height than the Low Voltage transmission lines (11 kV)?
4. How does lightening arrestor work?
5. Principle of D.C. Generator
6. Favorite subject
7. What is SCR?
8. How can we start SCR?
9. What is the difference between SCR and BJT?

1. Family Background
2. Do you have any relocation problem?
3. How much salary do you expect from us?

Total 17 students from the College of Engineering, Pune (COEP) were selected.
4 students were from Electrical Engineering.