Vedanta Resources Interview-other Contributed by K. Arunkumar updated on Jun 2020
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Hi friends...
I m arun doing my final eee in sengunthar engg college, thiruchengode. I got placed in VEDANTA GROUPS on 29.01.2008. I m very happy to join in vendanta family... I like 2 share my experience with all of u.. so that it may help u....k.. 

First the company is very very strict in thier eligible criteria... If u r eligible 2 the following criteria only u can attend... 


u must scored 1st class in 10th,12th, completing the B.E. course with a first class (60%) in the first attempt. NO backlocks should b there...


The first round was very easy only.... It contains 35 Questions U should answer within 50 mins..

The topics covered r...

1. Problems on trains (2) Que

2. Bar charts (5)

3. Analytical Venn Diagrams (5)

4. Problems on Ages (1)

5. Meanings (2)

6. Percentage (3)

7. Profit and Loss (3)

8. Numbers system (2)

and sum other questions...

U need not b a expert 2 solve tis problem.. just go through R.S. Agarwal book...Just c the formula d solve d practice 1 r 2 problems..its enough...

While solving the questions during exam...Try 2 solve bar charts d analytical venn diagram first.. so that u can score easily..


This is also easy.. u just speak out its enough.. but u should open ur mouth.. dont worry about the grammer.. do confidently....


This round i like it very much...Dont b worry abt the technical questions.. it is very very basic only.. what term u r saying from ur mouth.. they wil ask questions from that...just open ur mouth..say something r say i dont know.. they wil help u to answer the questtions...b frank what u know.. tel ur area of intrest they wil ask from that.. r else learn basics in CONTROL SYSTEM and MEASUREMENT and INSTRUMENTATION...

They wil ask ur aim d family background.. u just b frank d tel something.. they need communication not the grammer r knowledge... b confident...b bold...b smiling face...they wil surely select u....

k friends v wil meet in vedanta family... take care..