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Vedanta's Candidates Experince in Elec Engg College Jabalpur

Hello friends, I’m student of Jabalpur Engg. College(8TH Sem)  Elec engg. and I want to share my experience of VEDANTA.

Eligibilty criterion you must be knowing the main thing is that u must not have any backlogs in any of subjects ever.

If u solve R.S. AGGRAWAL (aptitude and Verbal reasoning) it will be really helpful.

First there was a written test in which total 42 students appeared and out of which 24 were selected.

The written paper has 35 questions and allotted time was 45 min.


Some of the questions of the written paper are as follows:-


Q1-Q5- first 5 questions are bar graphs (not from R.S AGGRAWAL) not very hard.


Q6-A train 150m long running 68kmph. In what time it will pass a man who is running at 8kmph in the same direction in which the train is going?

Ans- 9sec


Q7-There are 3 shirts in a box, each shirt for 1boy, if 3 boys randomly draws shirts from the box what is the probability that they get different shirts?  


Q8. Venn diagram (looking lengthy but very easy)


Q9. 10 yrs ago mother age was 4 times as her daughter, 10 yrs hence mother age will be twice as her daughter what is the present age of daughter?

Ans-20 yrs.


Q10. If a sum of money doubles in 6 yrs then what time it will take to be 4 times compounded annually???


Q11- assertion nd reasoning type (very easy).


Q12-Q15 puzzle test Family based.(solve R.S AGGRAWAL it will really be very helpful.)




Q20-Q22- Puzzle test comparision type.


Q23. If ram=9, sham=16 then Gopal=?



Q24. find odd one out from the series



Q25. if the sum of 3 consecutive odd no.’s is 57, then find the middle no?


Q26.The ratio of father to son’s age is 7:3. and product of their ages is 756 then whatwill be the ratio if their ages after 6yrs?

Ans 2:1


Q27. If the list Price of a product is Rs 275 and the shopkeeper allows 5% discount on the product and still getting 4.5% profit, what will be the cost price if the produce for the shopkeeper?


Q28. if the sides of a square is increases by 25% what will be the percentage increase in the area?

Ans 56.25%


Q29.if 3men can do a piece of work in 6 days, if after 2 days 3 more mens will be added then after how many days the remaining work will be done?

Ans. 2 days


Q30. one quality of wheat Rs.9.30 per kg is mixed with another quality of wheat Rs. 10.80 per kg then what will be the ratio in which they must be mixed so that the net cost is Rs. 10 per kg?

Ans 8:7


Q31.if 12 men shakes hand from each other then what will be the total no. of hand shakes?

Ans 66


Q32. Ajit invested Rs 35000 for 8 months and Manjit invested Rs 42000 for 10 months. On a profit of Rs 31570 Ajit share is???

Ans Rs.12628


Q33. If product of 2 no.s is 120 and sum of their squares is 289 .then the sum of the no is ??

Ans 23


Q34. From a group of 11 players a team of 5  and a captain is to be selected , in how many ways it can be done?


Q35. don’t remember.


After written out of 42 students 24 are selected and then interview started they have not conducted the group discussion in our college.

Firstly girls are called and after girls interview boys interview started and they called my name……..

There were 3 people one is HR and 2 from the technical side

Q. Tell me about urself?

Q. Tell me about ur family background.

They have not asked about my technical interest and directly started the technical round...


Q. What is Capacitor bank??

Q. what is the principle of d.c generator?

Q. Why sync motor is not self starting?

Q. What is Exitation?

Q. What is Circuit breakers,explain it’s operation?

Q. What are the types of circuit breakers?

Q. functioning of Sf6 CB

Q. Which CB is used in switchyard and why?

Q. What is smelting?


My interview was good and finally the results announced on the same day and total 13 students were selected and I was in one of them…

5 elec. Engg

7 mech engg.

1 industrial and production engg.


Always keep smile on ur face and be confident………… ALL IZZ WELL