TRIANZ Interview Experience Contributed by Mitha Mazumdar updated on Aug 2019

                                                 Trianz Interview Experience

Hello everyone.

This is Mitha Mazumdar and i just want to share my campus interview with Trianz with all of you.So let's get started.It was a two day procedure the first day they took was the pre-placement talk and the aptitude part.The aptitude section comprises of questions from basic maths, logical reasoning,verbal ability and for cse/it some technical questions too. They announced the result on the very first day and technical and hr were suposed to be taken on the second day. On the second day,we were supposed to give an online test as a part of pesonality assessment test which lasted for nearly half an hour. next,during technical when they called my name,i entered into the room, greeted my sir:-

sir: good Morning
me:-good morning sir

sir:did you sleep well last night?
me:yes sir with a smile

sir:ok mitha,so tell me about yourself
me: i introduced myself

sir:tell me about your final year project
me:explained he then asked cross questions in order to check whether i know about jdbc connectivity or not

sir:reverse mazumdar
me:i did it using strrev

sir:without using strrev
me:using stack-push and pop,explained the logic

sir:ok,these are the set of numbers provided,sort them according to whichever sorting you are intrested in
me:did using bubble sort


sir:tell me about inner join and outer join
me:sir,I was not very proficient in DBMS i am still working on it.

sir:but y?
me:-explained the reason.

sir:ok mitha,I am done with you.All the best,let's see what comes out.
me:Thank you sir

technical over.................. now hr............ my hr sir was very friendly and has a very joyous personality

me:may i come in sir?
sir:Yes come in

me:good morning sir
sir:good morning.please have a seat
me:thank you sir

sir:i m writing some notes please don't mind....
me:it's ok sir.I m fine with it
sir:ok,brief me about yourself in 30 seconds
me:-i started and continued smoothly,suddenly he stoppped me and then told me to take a deep breathe and then continue...

sir:ok,so tell me about your goal
me:explained.. sir ok,if given to you an option to choose a company which suits you,any big company or any big post,which company and post you would like to prefer and why?

sir:which language proficient do you consider yourself in,c or java?

sir:rate yourself

sir:any questions do you want to ask?
me:sir i want to know your recent bussiness project of your company

sir:i didn't get your question

me:sir your firm is a consultancy firm apart from an it, and deals with bussiness management as well,so what are your recent initiative in your bussiness project
sir:-explained me each and everything

sir:tell me your final year project me:explained sir:how this project can contribute to the society as well?

sir:ok mitha, all the very best!!!!
me:thank you sir

Guys don't lose hope,have faith in god.just try to give your best in such a way as if you are giving your interview from the core of the heart. Thank You......