Thermax Ltd. Candidate-Experiences Contributed by Sureshkumar updated on Jun 2019

Thermax paper on 29th September.

Hi Friends,

I am from power Engineering stream appeared for the Mechanical branch. Thermax team visited our campus on 29th Sept, 2010.

First, there was a very nice PPT session. It was a very interactive session that we had which helped us to get over our nervousness. After that the selection procedures has started.

1) Written test: Out of 63 students from our batch, 30 were shortlisted to participate in the written exam. The shortlist was based on the class 10, 12 and BTech semester performance.

The paper consisted of 5 sections: I) Technical: There were 40 questions. Each carried 1 mark and a negative marking of 0.2 questions were not very tough. But the basics had to be very clear to answer them. There were 2 questions from production technology, 3 questions from strength of material, 2 questions from engg. mechanics, 6-7 questions from theory of machines, 3 questions from FM and the rest from thermodynamics, refrigeration and air condition and mostly from heat transfer.   II) Aptitude: There were 20 questions. each carried 1 mark and a negative marking of 0.2. 10 questions were very easy. The rest were very difficult.   III) Verbal Reasoning:  There were 20 questions on passages and 20 questions on para jumbling. it carried 1 mark each. no negative marking.   IV) Data Sufficiency: There were 10 questions. 1 mark for each. No negative marking.   V) Mirror Image:  There were 10 very easy mirror image questions. 1 mark for each. no negative marking.   2) GD:
There was no GD in our college. But other colleges generally have to face GD.   3) Final Interviews:
8 students were shortlisted for PI. PI was held on the following day.
Since Thermax manufactures AFBC and CFBC boilers questions were asked from there. They asked about gas turbines also. The basic knowledge of boiler, turbine and generator was very important as many questions were asked from there. Technical interview was tough.

HR interview was also difficult.

They asked me. Tell us about yourself. The difference between being down to earth and humble.
They pointed out 11 ponts like enterprising, positivity, optimism, self sufficiency, etc. and ask what they meant for me, how do i place myself in each of these fields with examples from my past experiences. They had given a form 2 days back which had to be filled by us. It contained the following questions which had to be answered properly with Explanations:

1. What did u learn from ur campuss life?

2. Your greatest achievement so far

3. What do you regard as your strength?

4. What have you identified as your weaknesses?

5. How would you ensure your continuous learning process?

6. What are the values and beliefs you possess?

7. Who is the person who have influenced you greatly? how?

8. If any author or a character in a book have influenced you?

9. A book you have recently read? describe briefly about it.

10. What are your career objectives?

We had to submit the form and questions were asked from them. They asked me to relate a story. I narrated the 'namesake' by jhumpa lahiri. They asked me questions like. Why do you think he did this at this point of time, why didn't he do something else. If you were in his position, what would you have done?

They said that they run a corporate social responsibility department also how do you regard this? They questioned me for 10 minutes about my family members. questions like: How could you influence your sibling? What happens when one day you find out that your parents loved your sibling more than you?

Then they asked about the influence society has on the future of children.
6 students got selected in the whole process including me.

Wishing you all the best.