TESCO Interview Experience Contributed by Srinivas updated on Jun 2019

                                                  Tesco Interview Experience

HI friends this is Srinivas. I have been selected for TESCO HSC (TESCO Hindustan Service Center), in off-campus conducted in Hyderabad.
Recruitment pattern
1) Written. three sections:
1-verbal 20 Qs 20 minutes
2-Reasoning 30Qs 35 Minutes
3-Analytical Ability 20 Qs 20 minutes
2)Group section
3)technical round
4)HR interview

Written: The written pattern was the same as the age old Meri Trac paper
First 5 Qs were on prepositions
second 5 Qs on articles
these two sections were very easy, simple basic grammar.
The next 10 Qs were based on two Paragraphs. They were a bit tough

in this 10 Qs were like
some eligibility criteria is given for admission into a college, 5 t 6 conditions
(i) through (vi)
and some options were given like
if conditoin i is not satisfied then refer to chairman
if condition ii is not satisfied then refer to the pricipal
if all are satisfies then take the admission. ....like wise
and now 5 Qs were asked based on this data. I'll just give the overview of the example question
For the admission into a college the following criteria are required..
i) aggregate of 70% in the qualifying course.
ii) age between 21 and 28
iii) maths as the prerequisite.
iv).............so on six conditions

a- if all conditions are satisfied then give the admission
b- if condition two is not satisfied refer to the chairman
c- if condition x is nor satisfies then refer to the principal
.......so on five conditions

Q) Mr A has an aggregate of 60% and born on 27th aug 1988 with Maths as his specialization in his course......................
then he must be
A) a 
B) b 
C) c 
D) d 
E) e

likewise five Qs on this data and another five Qs on similar model but based on different data.. and some Qs were on blood relations like
A+B means A is brother of B
A-B means A is father of B
A*B means A is mother of B (NOT exact but same model)
then what is A*B-C
likewise 5 Qs and 10 Qs are like in a system $ represents 1 ans @ represents 0 all the other number greater than 1 are represented by the combination of $ and @ only then

Q) how do u represent 172

Analytical section:
first 5 Qs were easy like
A if first and second are alilke
B if first and third are alike
c if all the three are alike
D if all are different
Q)99282048209 99282044209 99282048209
Q)89172981.12830912 89172981.12830912 819172981.128830912

then 5 to 7 Qs were on BODMAS rule like
-what is the value of 2/3+6/3-7*8-9 three to four Qs of this type
and more three were like
-which one gives the same results as 9/8+5*4/2+5
a)4+6/3*8/9 b)8/9+4*3/4-8.......... these were a time consuming most of the options were option D

the remaining Qs were like
* means +, / means *, + means -,- means / now some expression was and some options were given
This was all about the Q paper there was sectional cutoff the paper was easy but the time plays very crucial role. crack the question within the given time and U are through the test.

Tech round
Me (M): Excuse me sir
Interviewer (I): Yes please.. so you are srinivas ..
M: Yes sir (with a smile)
I: I am so and so ....offered a shake hand ...don't forger give a firm shake hand
I: So u are from?
M: I told were I hail from and my college.
I: So u have nice percentages and why were u not placed till now.
M: Sir I was poor in my communication skills and i cant make out into any organization till now.
I: but your communication is good enough
M: Sir I was even unaware about the aptitude test that it plays a crucial role in the recruitment process and I was not ready with that and I could not clear most of my written rounds.
I: have u done any projects
M: I gave the overview of my B.Tech. project for about 1 and half minute.
I: ok.....So you are from ECE so which is your favourite subject
M: Digital Electronics (i learnt from the candidates that there was no certain area for asking the Qs but all were fundas of the concepts)
I: So can U differences between a diode, capacitor, resistor and inductor
M: gave the answer.
I: Why do U want to join TESCO
M: I gave the answer like Sir I was very impressed by the name itself ..........
I: (breaking my flow): what's there in the name its simply TESCO
M: YES sir but i am very much impressed by the name and told about the origin of the name.. ((he was happy))
I: do know TESCO before?
M: answered..
I: Mr srinivas can go with some puzzles (OOps this really puzzled me..)
M: Sure sir
I: IF i give the i/ps (x-a),(x-b),(x-c)........(x-z) to a multiplier what is the o/p;
M: After thinking for a while I told the answer as zero (since in the middle we get (x-x) which is zero and the whole product is zero.
I: ok.. i'll have one more ..are U comfortable
M: yes sir
I: can you make 16 using only three 4s
M: (I was a bit fumbled by that Q) but i got the answer in my second attempt it was sqrt(4)*sqrt(4)*4.. you can have some different answers also..
I: Good why TESCO should hire U
M: gave the reply.
I: Ok Srinivas let me not waste much time pls wait outside I'll pass the comments
M: Thank U sir..

After one minute I was asked to wait for the Hr round. There were two members in the panel one was firing the Qs and the other was observing me
M: Excuse me sir ..May I come in.wished them
I: YES please be seated
M: thank you sir
I: Do u remember our names
M: Yes sir and gave their names...they were pleased
I: I think u wore a tie where is it?
M: (actually i was wearing a tie while in the GD and these were the persons moderating the GD for us.) Sir i was feeling incomfortable with it and this is a new shirt and the collar is a little hard so I removed it.
I: why do u think you were selected in the GD round.
M: gave the answer
I: U are from B.Tech. so have u done your project.
M: Yes sir and told about my project for 1 to 2 minutes
I: mmmm.. I didn't get even a single point from that
M: (with a smile) Can I go once again with an example sir...
I: ok go on..
M: thank u sir and i explained with an example
(this time it was OK)
I: have u heard about the Telangana issue...
M: Yes sir its a burning problem in AP now
I: what is the problem actually
M: told three reasons for that..
I: which language are u good at?
M: (took the Q for programming language) I feel comfortable with C sir
I: Do u feel comfortable or can u?
M: I can do well in that sir.
I: Tell me your four strengths.
M: replied
I: Tell me an example to show that U learned something very Quickly. just give me an example
M: gave the example
I: If I were to select you I would advice you to brush up your C and SQL concepts.
M: sure sir.. I'll work for that
I: Do u have any offers in hand?
M: No sir, i don't have any.
I: So I am done with my side( he hinted the other person to ask Qs if any)
Now the other interviewer
I: How u are feeling MR. srinivas
M; feeling good sir
I: do you have any Qs for us
M: yes and I asked about the specialization (platform) of the job.
(its a good thing to ask a question or two in that situation and that shows our interest towards the job and the organization)
I: he replied for a minute.
M: thank you sir.
I: Yes Mr srinivas Thank for being with us
M: thank you very much sir..