TESCO Candidate-Experiences Contributed by Varindar updated on Jun 2019
                                       Tesco Candidate Experiences   A Wednesday
OMG, Finally the long wait is over i am Tesco HSC now.  I was in exile for almost 6 months after my final sem esults. I don't want to reveal my name and my college name for some personal reasons, but i would like to tell you that i finished  my last round of interviews on a wednesday

A little about Tesco Tesco is the world's third largest retailer and provides IT,Business and financial services.headquartered in Cheshunt, United Kingdom. It is the third largest retailer in the world measured by revenues and the second largest measured by profits. It has stores in 14 countries across Asia, Europe and North America and is the grocery market leader in the UK (where it has a market share of around 30%), Malaysia and Thailand.
The placement process
Tesco evaluates candidates in 4 rounds, each  round is a elimination round 

1. Written test
2. Technical Interview
3. Managerial Interview
4. HR interview

Written test
Tesco has a unique kind of aptitude test they do not ask you those regular questions on profit/loss, time and work, speed, ratio and so on. Written test  consists 60questions which have to be answered in 60mins with  0.25  negative mark for each wrong answer, the first 15questions would be on Blood relations, direction sense test and finding the next element in the series all the questions were easy, i could solve all 15 next few questions were on the verbal ability they would ask you 4 questions on Antonyms and synonyms which will be followed by 2 long paragraphs which i felt was a quite tough, infact i could not understand one of the paragraphs next section was the data interpretation test they will give you 2 graphs and 4 questions on each of them, i was given a linegraph which was very easy to solve but the 2 questions on Bar graph was very difficult one unique section in the written test that u will find only in Tesco would be the General Knowledge test, i will contain 20 questions. Some questions were very easy like which company has the tagline "Empowering people" (Ans. HCL) but there were some tough  questions as well, I could answer 12 out of 20 questions   Technical interview.
I was very fortunate enough for having  cleared the written test.
As soon as i entered in the cabin  he told me take a seat, and i replied  thank you sir

Me: Good Afternoon sir
Sir:  Good Afternoon 
Sir: Could you pls tell me about yourself briefly before we move on
Me: Answered ( most of the interviewers start with this question so be prepared for this )
I have a drastic drop  in my academic performance in B.E. when compared  to my 10th and 12th so my next question was to explain this so be prepared for questions like this

Finally he started off with the technical questions 
1) Tell me about your project
2) What all processors you know
3) What do you mean by 4/16/32/64 bit microprocessors
4) What is PCB
5) He asked me to write and explain a program in C
6) Few more questions on Basic C 
7) When i was answering the 6question he suddenly asked me "how often do you smoke" (i really do smoke") i was perplexed when he asked me this questions but finally made up my mind and told him "yes" and he told me that i like your  frankness
8) How good are you at Data structures ( i told him that i am from EC background and i have no idea abt DS)
9) Diff  b/w C and C++  and what is the concept of OOPS (brush up on concepts like polymorophism, data encapsulation, inheritance, abstractionn, classes)
10) What are the different sorting techniques u know ( i told him bubble/selection/insertion)
11) He told me to explain bubble sort (he was impressed by my explanation)
12) What do u know abt tesco
13) Any question for me
14) Are you ready to work in shifts (i said "yes" but i am damn sure even the person who took my interview will not be ready to work in shifts)

Finally he told me to wait outside for the next round

Managerial round I was called for the MR round after 30mins.
I was asked all routine questions like 1.Tell me about urself  2. Why IT industry  3. I was again asked to exp drop in my %   4. What is your goal, Ambition 5. Why Tesco 6. What is your achievement    HR round I was called for the final round at 2pm a person in his early 40's took my interview it was more or less like the MR round
and finally results were announced i was in the list of selected candidates. I'm very glad that i have made it to Tesco i hope its a great company to build up my career, i would like to thank my parents for the support and one of my classmate for his valuable advice. So guys never lose hope "every dog has a day" try and try and try until you succeed was my motto which helped me a lot.   All the best hope my experience would help you

See you at Tesco HSC