Tech Mahindra Candidate-Experiences Contributed by Dameeyan -Gandhi Nagar Campus updated on Oct 2018

TechMahindra sample Placement papers


Hi all , I attended Tech Mahindra Interview. It was a pool placement where 950 students from different colleges were invited. The pattern was Aptitude test, Technical Interview and then HR interview.

1). Aptitude Test : 

The questions were easy and time given was enough. 

First of all I tried to complete verbal questions so that I get enough time for aptitude. 

There was a cut off in both verbal as well as quant. 

The questions were very easy. And we got our result in half an hour and were called for Technical And HR the next day.

2). Technical Interview : 

The interview panel was of 3 and all of them were taking there time while taking the interview. 

It started at 9am and they finished them up at 10.30 am. Still some of them were remaining for the interview. 

My interview took 1 hr 30 minutes. He asked me all type of questions related to C, JAVA, Wireless technology, Business Strategies. 

And in the end the called me the next day for HR interview.

3). HR interview : The HR interview was very easy and I thought they just wanted to check the communication skills of the guys there. 

Those who had good communication skills were selected. Some stupid questions were also asked there just to see the response.

In the end they declared the result and told me I was selected. The training package is 2.47 lacs pa ... and later it will become 3.07 lacs pa.