Tech Mahindra Candidate-Experiences Contributed by Kuntal Saha updated on Oct 2018
Hello dear friends and beloved juniors,   This is Kuntal Saha, glad to tell you that me got selected in TechMahindra. Hurray!   I am from 2007 to 2011 batch, ECE. There was an on-campus at our college hich is Haldia Institute of technology on 12th January, 2011. Criterion required 60% all through academics. There were 3 rounds selection process.   1) Online aptitude test  2) Technical Interview  3) HR Interview   Students Appeared For Online Aptitude Test: 165, Aptitude cleared: 34 only, In Technical Interview 26 cleared and In HR Interview 20 finally made it. i.e. got selected in Tech Mahindra.   Online Aptitude Test consisted of two portions. 1) Aptitude test=40 minutes 75 questions. 2) Verbal and non verbal=40 minutes 100 questions   Technical Interview   Me: May I Come in mam? (My technical panel is a madam) Mam: Come in.   Me: Good evening mam and wishing you a very happy new year. Mam: Happy new year to you too. Sit down.   Me: I said thank you maam. Mam: So Kuntal how is your new year?   Me: Its quite nice. Mam: So Kuntal introduce yourself!   Me: Tell about myself? Mam: Tell me about your family background?   Me: I told her. Mam: So Kuntal what are your strength and weakness?   Me: I told her. Mam: So, in which portion are you strong.   Me: I said to her that I am strong in Networking and in microprocessor 8085. (Be prepared any of your two departmental subjects) Mam: Tell me the different layers in OSI model?   Me: I told. Mam: What do you mean by TCP/IP protocol?   Me: I told her. Mam: So please tell me what do you mean by microprocessor?   Me: Microprocessor is a device which is used to decode, fetch and execute instruction. Mam: Please draw the pin diagram of Microprocessor?   Me: I just pick my pen out of my pocket and just tried to write. She told leave it (they check your confidence level) Mam: What  is the 30th pin of 8085?   Me: I guess it and said ALE which is correct. Mam: Do you know any Computer Programming?   Me: I told yes only basic of C. Mam: What do you mean by abstract in C?   Me: I told her that I don't know. Mam: Please write any programme in C and explain it?   Me: I write the basic programme of addition and explained it properly. She is satisfied with my answer. Mam: Please tell me what is the difference between malloc() and calloc().   Me: I told her. Mam: Ok Kuntal now tell me in brief about your project?   Me: I explained her very nicely. Mam: Ok Kuntal it seems to me that your technical knowledge is good as well as your communication skill.   Me: Thank you maam. Mam: Ok Kuntal I am sending the feedback form to the HR. Hope you have get a call from HR.   Me: Thank you mam. Mam: Nice to meet with you.   Me: I said also nice to meet you too.   Then I leave that place.   Then after sometime I was called for the HR. My HR interview is so much cool.   HR Interview:    Me: May I come in sir? Sir: Come in.   Me: I said to him good evening and wishing you a very happy new year. Sir: Ok you too and please have a seat.   Me: Thank you sir.. Sir: Introduce yourself.   Me: I told. Sir: What do you mean by Teamwork?   Me: I told him. Sir: Do you have a problem if you are being posted outside?   Me: No problem at all sir. Sir: Do you have any questions?   Me: No sir. Sir: Ok give your all document's xerox like 12th marksheet, 10th marksheet, 12th and 10th Certificate and all your semister marksheet.   Me: I gave him. Sir: He then said ok Kuntal, nice to have a time with you.   Me: I said I too Sir: Ok you may leave.   Me: Thank you sir.   At 12 am results were out and I got selected.   Thanks to the god and ofcourse luck that matters    According to my experience I would like to suggest, Practice well for Aptitude test-R.S Aggarwal is enough, have basic clear for tech rounds, for CS/IT, C and DBMS-RDBMS are essential and be cool at HR. That's all from me.    See you In Tech Mahindra.   All the Best!