Tata Consultancy Services Candidate-Experiences Contributed by Deep Bera updated on Jun 2019

I was md to sit in the seminar room of tig. at about 1 p.m., an HR called my name give me my employment form and CV which I have submitted earlier.

  I was asked to sit in a panel. My panel consists of only 1 interviewer. I greeted him with good afternoon and a smile. As I have sit 4 a direct interview he had a sharp look on my CV, my marks in semsters, h.s. 4 about 5 mnts. First he said tell me something about yourself? I told every thing. Then he attacked, he told me to draw a 4*16 decoder wid 2 3*8 decoder.    I was should as I haven't read it in salivahanon, I can't belive my ears, I told him to please repeat. He repaeted mercilessly. I understd I mtrapped and the only way to get out of here is to counter attack. I packed up the pen and draw it with the concept of mux. He was cnvinced. That steered my confidence! next he asked me what is cdma? its applications? though I haven't gv digicom in the CV so expect anything. I confidently answered with proper block diagram.   Then he told me which computer subject you CN answer, I told C, DS, dbms, as you wish sir. He told me to write a code 4 the triangle integer problem. I know I CN never do it correctly still I wrote as far as I can. He told me are you confident you have written right? I said yes and tried to explain the logic. While doing so he told me you are close but not correct but I CN C you have tried. Next he asked me the diff. of call by value and call by reference, I answered.    Next he told me to write a pointer to string and an array of pointers, I write and explaind. He asked me if we CN write anything within the paredthisis of main. A said yes sir, arg c and arg v. He get really impressed this time, his smile was telling so. He asked me CN you answer 4n 8085? I confidnetly said yes sir. He asked me what is ale? I told him gutsily. He was paused 4 a moment. he said well done deep! I thanked him and asked am i done? He said ofcrs! I std up shook his hand. came outside and releivd. The very next day on 31st December, I got the cn4 matn that I'm a TCSIAN. I got the greatest year ending gift.   Always have the guts to face anything, you may be lucky enuf to have a complete HR interview or unlucky like me to have a full technical like me. So don't loose your cnfidence, don't get tensd. Have a sharp smile in your face, be polite to interviewer, don't get excited if you are answering very well. Jst be calm. Those who have great marks thruout dere career, your potential will be tested! Always remember confidence is the key to success.   Best of luk 4 future!