Tata Consultancy Services Candidate-Experiences Contributed by Divya Saxena updated on Jun 2019

Hello friends....

TCS visited our c

ampus on 10 j an 2011 . Students h aving more th an 75% were c alled for the direct interview. I w as one of them & All of them were selected.Written p aper/test was completely from the previous TCS papers.So Isuggest you to pratice all the previous papers.
In the interview there were 3 rounds

1) Technical:  They asked me about java(virtual classes),dmbs & some aptitude questions.
2) HR round:  Simple questions like why TCS?,about my college.....
3) MR round: Checked my certfic ates, asked about background check,service agreement.
I wish everyone all the best.

Divya Saxena
I.E.T lucknow