Tata Consultancy Services Candidate-Experiences Contributed by Saveetha C Sekar updated on Jun 2019

Hi Guys,

I got placed in TCS on Aug 21st. I was in the 7am batch. I took my test at around 7.20 am. They passed around instructions in the computer lab where the ONLINE TEST was scheduled. Total of 35 questions. I answered around 27 of them and made sure that most of them were correct. Make use of a CALCULATOR to save time. I discussed questions with my friends who had already taken the test and found that most of the questions were either repeated or of the same model. The "Famous" BEAR question was also there. First few lines of the question are unnecessary and i directly jumped to last few lines. I only referred to RS AGARWAL QUANTITATIVE APPTITUDE. I also recommend MBA TANCET PREPARATION BOOK OF SAKTHI PUBLICATIONS.  I just referred to the mathematical formulas in either book. The questions are all attendable. A few dummy questions are there. You can't get any answer for those questions. I cleared my aptitude and went on to the next round- HR+technical interview. The HRs were talking very freely and they encouraged me to do the same. Always put a smile on your face and answer them. On entering, greet them with a smile.    They asked about me and a few general questions and for the technical part asked me abt my final your project. They also gave me a few situations and asked how i will handle them. The interview was really fine and it lasted for around 30mins. I got my results after 30mins and i was very happy to know that i was the in the first 5 to get the offer letter. The main idea for apps is not to get tensed and be cool. Read question carefully and mostly it can be attended with just one thorough reading .
                       Don't be tensed. Maintain your cool. And a place in TCS is assured.
                                     ALL THE BEST GUYS... MEET U IN TCS.... :)