Tata Consultancy Services Candidate-Experiences Contributed by Naveen Bharadwaj updated on Jun 2019

We had no aptitude test for students who has aggregate above 75%. Others who attended aptitude,had online test with 1/3rd negative marking. 35 questions and 80 minutes. Those who had registered for TCS placements online earlier were allowed to take up the test and interviews. Online test from TCS website at Openseesame really helped them. Others find aptitude difficult.

Interview had 3 rounds. We never knew that till we finished our first round. Some of them got either selected or rejected from first round itself. Such students were asked to check results at 5pm. On an average, 3 rounds were conducted. It was all messy around.

Coming to interview, it was named technical, HR and MR(management). However, they asked all the 3 in all 3 rounds. Around 40 member panel was setup. Believe me, it was a market!

My first interview was a bit technical. Basic definitions of C,Data Structures,Unix,Networks,File Systems etc. They might ask you to write some simple programs. They also asked about the project and why I chose that topic. One common question was "What is the latest IT development project happening right now?". Most of us didn't knew. Feel free and confident to say no. That doesn't apply to all the questions obviously!

HR questions were like, tell about yourself, what makes you different from others who are present here etc. And some questions based on your CV. Confidence and winning smile holds the key.

They were supposed to announce the results at 5, for those who had interviews at the beginning(for those who had 75% and above). We kept on waiting. 5 became 7. 7 became 8. 8 became 8:30.

Finally they announced the results at 12 midnight. But the wait was worth. I was selected with 202 other friends of mine!