Tata Consultancy Services Candidate-Experiences Contributed by VIKAS SINGH updated on Jun 2020
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hi friends..... m vikas singh from Madan Mohan Malaviya Engg College Gorakhpur (U.P.) TCS visited our campus on 18-19 feb .Out of 146 candidates 74 cleared the written test and 50 students are finally selected and i was one of them by God grace. there were mainly two round , first was written test and then interviews. Wriiten Test: it consist of 3 sections 1)verbal section : there are 32 questions (10 antonym,10 synonyms,1 RC consist of 6 questions,1 paragraph with 6 blanks),20 mins are there for this section . this section was really very tough.1 or 2 question were only from barrons.so read only 750 words(50 exercises). but no need to worry i was able to do only 4-5 questions in that. but u have to solve other two sections very carefully and try to score 80-90% in these sections. 2)quantitative aptitude: this section was very simple.no questions from previous year.many questions are from data sufficiency . 6 questions are from data interpretation ,these are very simple . solve examples of RS Aggarwal.u have to be very fast in this section as 38 questions in 40 mins.try to score 32-35 questons in this section .i have done around 35 questions in this sections . 3)Logical reasoning : there are 3 questions in this part and each question consist of 4 subquestions so total 12 questions and time for this section is 30 mins.some questions are from 5 modal test paper of barrons 12th editions but it depends also on ur luck because everybody has diffrent paper and some got directly from barrons and some only 1 or 2 questions .u can score approx 100% in this section . first try to solve them and after solving mugg up all the LR which have more than 4 questions in model test papers. no need to mugg up or solve those LR which have 3 or less then 3 questions .i was able to solve all the 3 LR .in my paper 2 are direclty from barron so i have done these 2 in 2 mins.meine ratt li thi yaar.and another was very simple. after all u have to give ur best in two sections atleast. do all the questions there is NO negative marking .if u dont able to solve the question then tukka maardo but never leave that question for last because time ka tumhe pata hi nai lagega. after wriiten test there was technical interview. Technical interview : in this interview they ask about ur area of interest, projects and language like C,C++. in this interview they also ask the hr questions . it also depends on ur luck that which pannel u got.some pannel are very cool and some pannel are very strict. this time they focus on STRESS interview.they scold the students very much.but never loose ur confident.they mainly check ur confidence level. u have to prepare ur area of interest very well ,they ask only basics and very simple questions.they can also ask some basics of another subjects but only simple questions so no need to worry.dont worry about java or other language if u dnt know these then simply say that before joing TCS iwill learn these and m concentrating on my core part and areas of interest currently.but u should have good command on C and one of the OOL like c++ or java or .net etc(Only for cs & IT students )other branchs sud concentrate on C and there core. prepare ur project well (this project may be of 2nd , 3rd , or final year)this is not mendotry that u have to mention ur final year project but u sud know ur final year project. My interview: me: may i come in sir . INT: yes come in . me :gud after noon sirs(there were 2 interviewers) INT: y r u so late.u r not able to be a TCSar.u can leave now.. (ths was stress interview and they were doing this to pressurize me but i dint loose my confident ) me: m very sorry sir .sir please give me one chance. INT: ok,why do u want to join TCS? me: told INT:what is the diffrence bw C n C++? me : told INT: u have done ur project in java and Microsoft sql server ,u know java? me : no sir . INT: OK , u know sql?? me: yes sir . INT: do u know .net? me : no sir . INT: do u know unix,linux? me : no sir . INT:yarr tumhe kuch aata bhi hai u r a CSE student u sud know all of these me : sir actually m currently concentrating on my core part and m a quick learner and can learn all these in 1 -2 month and before joining TCS i will learn all these. INT: ok,what u have done in ur project ? me : sir i did the database designing of my project. INT: Ok suppose u have to do a project on canteen managment .then how will u do database designing.make a design including EER modal and then map this into tables. me: please give me some times. INT :u can take 10 mins yaar.ok happy me :yes sir (then i draw EER model and tables, he was very impressed by my work) INT: very good vikas. (then he gave me a C code and ask about output.i have done it very quickly) INT:what is normalisation? me: told INT:what is 3NF? ME: told. (then he gave me a table and ask to normalize that,then i have applied all normalization on that and solved) INT :what is operating system? me: told INT: what is round robin scheduling. me: told (but he was not satisfying) INT:what do u know apart from study and what do u do in ur free time? me: sir i like playing and watching cricket. INT: bas ......? me : i also like to solve puzzles... INT :Ok good habbit......then i will ask u some puzzles....u have six lines and 11 points and u have to draw a diagram that contains these and every line sud contain only 4 points....solve it.. me: STAR form (in 10 to 15 seconds , he was impressed) INT : Well done......now u have 81 bolls among these 81 one ball is of higher weight and remaining 80 balls are of same weight u also have a TARAZU.....in how many minimum steps u get the odd ball. me:solve INT :OK....u have a bucket .in that bucket u have 1 ball and each day number of balls getting double .it is filled in 30 days .how many days it take to fill half. me: 29 days. (then he ask many puzzles again n again and i solved almost each.....wo mujhe pen use nai karne de rhe the) INT: WHAT INT :ok vikas ...u can leave now . me : thank u sir (he also ask some questions on C++ and C, i was confident during my interview) i got my HR call after 1hr. HR INTERVIEW INT:tell me about urself. me: told INT:ok what is ur weakness(he interrupted) me:told INT: what is ur strenghth? me:told (u have to give this answer with an example that shows ur strength) INT:do u have girlfriend? me:told (then he discussed on girlfriend-boyfriend relationship for 5 mins and try to confused me but i dint lose my confidence and discuss with him like a friend) INT : do u know about TCS bond? me:told INT:if we send u in africa then u still want to work? me:told very cleverly. INT: do u have any question. i asked two questions 1:what sud i have to prepared before joining? 2: at what stage of SDLC we have to do work? after my interviews i was confident about my selection but still i was afraid. there were no MR round. at about 6:30PM result was anounced and my name was FIRST to call.thank GOD ..... best of luck to all of u....see u in TCS....