Tata Consultancy Services Candidate-Experiences Contributed by M.Gopal updated on Jun 2019

I have cleared the  aptitude test on 12 oct

Three section... Section 1:    Verbal Section 2:    Aptitude Section 3:    Reasoning      English section sys and ant, passage...    Aptitude:    One popular question is if GFGFD is coded as SHOVEL what is BVCJT coded as? I suggest that you try to find out the displacement of the charcters. I personally drew up an alphabet table. It was much easier. http://www.ChetanaS.com

* One other question that seems to reoccur is the biggest prime number that can fit inside a 7 bit number. Some of my friends had trouble with this one even though its quite simple. Take the number of bit ( 7here ) and calculate 2^bit number ( 2 power 7) which is 127. Now look at the closest option from the list. Make sure its prime.

* What is 576 to the base 5 or something similar

* One question on physics - (Momentum X Veloctiy) / Accelration X Distance is measured in what units

* if M represent Modulo Arithematic, R represent Round off, T represents Truncation calculate the following M(737,5) - R(6.6) + T(7.1) etc

* if @ - represent square and * represents Square root then calculate the following @@-*16+@*8

* A can do a work in X days less than B. B does the same work in Y days. Both of them can do the work in Z days. Calculate X ( or Y)

* Given a Venn diagram they ask a few questions based on that

* A passage is given with blanks in the middle. You are given many options. You need to choose the right ones. Make sure that the choices you make fit the context of the passage.

There were more questions .. I just cant remember them at the moment

Logical Reasoning:

 Its repaeted from GRE barrons book....     1.While going ship lack of fresh food affected by diaeas like that one problem     2.Langauge problem      A,B,C,D four people speaking like english,french.....    3.Two types of marriage group like one sister can marry many brothers and one brother marry more sister ....      My preparation is      For verbal section no need to study...   I got few question from barrons only   For aptitude refer previous question paper,,   Nearly 40 questions der...   All r repeating   For critica section just muk the answers....   All d best