Tata Consultancy Services Candidate-Experiences Contributed by Divya updated on Jul 2019

Hi friends,
This is Divya, Tirupati. I'm from cse dept.
I have atteneded TCS selection process conducted at Veltech, chennai on 22nd August.
It had only 2 rounds.
1. Written
2. Technical & HR

You can clear the written test very easily. I think you all know that this test is an online test.
There are 35 questions, 1hour time.
There is negative marks for wrongly attempted questions. ie., you will loose 1 mark for 3 wrong questions.
So attempt only the question which you are confident. Attempt >=20 questions you can crack written.
Just go through the previous papers its enough. You will get same type of questions with just change in numbers

Time managemenet is very important. Dont stick to a questions if you didn't ge answers, skip it and go through other questions, you can come to it later

The questions I remember is
1. Fibonacci series
2. Probability
3. Permutations
    Form 5 digit numbers using the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 with repetition and should be divisible by 4.
Ans: For a number to be divisible by 4 the last two digits of a number should be divisible by 4
So last two digits should contain only the numbers 12, 24, 32, 44, 52. So 5 ways the otehr 3 digits can be filled in 5X5X5 ways
So totally 5^4 ie., 625
4. Probelm on ages. I got 2-3 questions form this part
5. A question abt color of bear: white
6. Question based on this formula x3-y3=(x-y)(x2+xy+y2)
           (91^3-31^3)/(91^2+91*31+31^2)  ans:60  (a-b)
7. 3 boys and 3 girls went to a picnic.they saw a weighing machine there.girls r nt interested to check their weight.so the boys  checks their weight in the following order.first a,then b,then c,then a&b,then b&c,then c&a,then a&b&c cheks their weight. the last reading is 120 kg (data can be changed in your ques paper).then what is the avg of the 7 readings?
8. There r two tubs a&b.a filled in the pattern as 10 ltrs,20,30,40.......for evry hour b filled in the pattern as 10 ltrs,20,40,80.......for evry hour.if the b tub filled 1/16 part for 23 hours then in how hours it wil take to  fill half the tank ?
Ans: B fills twice every hour
     so 1/16---->23
        1/8 ---->24
        1/4 ---->25
        1/2 ---->26
 so ans 26hrs.
9. The number is 2880.by which number we have to divide it in order to get a perfect sqare?
Ans: 5
10. A question based on speed and distance
11. A problem on ratios

I attempted 24 questions as i was runout of time i couldn't attempt some more questions.

Then our results were announced with in 1/2 hour. They will announce both selected and not-selected candidates and ask others whose names were not read out to wait.

My name was called out in selected candidates and they gave a form in which you have to fill our details, then asked to attend for the further rounds after an HR.

I waited many hrs for my interview (abt 3hrs)

I was the last candidate in our batch. Some HR's asked me to come back after lunch. But my panel HR's asked me to get in for the interciew. I felt very happy as they waited to take my interview without having their lunch :) They called me around 2'o clock

I entered the room with a very happy mood and smile on my face.

There are two members in the panel a male HR and a female HR
Wished them individually.
They asked me to take seat and introduced themselves by telling their names

As it was a lunch time male HR asked me this question
Sir: Had ur breakfast?
me: yes,sir
sir: when u had ur breakfast?
me : By 11 sir
sir: So, u r not hungry rite?
me: Yes sir. I'm eagerly waiting for my interview sir.
Both sir and Mam smiled.
Mam: How your friends call you.
me: divya mam
Mam: Ok divya tell me something about urself.
me: blah blah blah.
sir: watz ur biggest weakness?
me:  I told im bit slow..
sir: slow... how wil u overcome it
     If you were given a project as you are slow, how wil you finish off the work.
me: I'l prepare a schedule & work accordingly.(think they are impressed by the answer)
sir: ok. watz ur life time goal, where would u like 2 see urself after 10 years
me: told something...., life time goal is to serve India..
mam: how wil u do it...
me: told something about it, also added that TCS has a program called TCS Maitree and told something about it.
sir: Even she asked me to join TCS Maitree but as im involved in project. I couldnt spare time how will you do?
me: Tried to convince at last told i will wait for a chance.
sir: Ok What are your arears of interest
me: I like programming languages sir. c, Java
sir: ok whatz the diff b/n c, java
me: started to tel d diff like c is structured oriented and java is object- oritented
sir: also explain those
me: so answered with detailed xplanation
sir: ok u hav done couple of projects, so tel me abt ur main project
me: xplained. My project is common employment system (soemthing similar to Naukri,monster.com)
so he asked the next question as
sir: ok wat diff b/wn urz and naukri, wat xtra features u hav than naukri
me: (actually i dont hav gud points to tel abt  my project but convinced them by saying) we too hav some functionalities as it is in naukri ..
sir: watz ur role in this proejct
me: i was d proejct leader and involved in designing web pages and some coding part
sir: so u hav involved in codin rite. which technlogy hav u used in designing?
me: JSP sir
sir: y
me: told
sir: ok tel me about JSP..
me: told
mam: ok tel me wat u know abt tcs..y tcs
me: told
I had a reference in tcs so d next ques was asked
mam: wat did ur bro told abt tcs..
me: i was trapped...but convinced by saying something...
sir: which lang is confortable for u write a program
me: told java and c. Both sir
sir: ok can u write a program for me...
me: ya sure sir
sir: he thought for some time and asked me to write a prg to convert Celsius to Fahrenheit and offered a paper and pen
me: itz a very simple prgm.i wrote it in c.
mam: u r 4m andhra. do u know we may post you to any place?
me: s mam i do
mam: can u work in night shifts
me: told s with hesitation..
mam: no, u r not confident abt it, isnt it sir...
sir: s
me: no mam i can work in night shifts if im given s/w job...
mam,sir: smiled
sir: do u know abt bond in TCS
me: s sir
sir: about bankground verification?
me: dono xactly. can u tel me sir.
sir: blah blah,,
sir: u hav any questions..?
me: s sir, may i know on wat platform i'l be given training.?
sir: blah blah blah
me: ok sir...
sir: ok then tanq
mam: tanq
me: tanq sir, tanq mam
sir gave a handshake while i was abt to get up 4m my place, i was surprised but gave with confidence

My interview was around 40 min
But it was cool

I came out by 3'0 clock and results were announced by 4.20

I was one in the selected list
Very happy to hear my name.

First prepare well for written and also concenterate on your areas of interest.
Be thorough with all the topics. Also have a glance in basic subjects of your stream
They have asked every one to write programs regardless of stream. So be preapred
Learn small programs in c like prime num, finding even and odd nums, fibonacci series, searching, sorting, matrix multiplication and all.
Don't mugup the prgs. Understand the logic. They will also ask you to explain the logic and all
Answer with confidence, If you don't know about something be frank to tell that you dono about it
Be yourself.
Whatever you answers relate it to the job, don't be nervous. Maintain smile on your face throughout the interview

Dont get down-hearted, dont give up.

This is my 6th interview attended. In the earlier ones i could clear only 1 comp's written test. So

Try & Try until you reach your goal

If you have any doubts post your comments. I will be there to help you
Feel free to ask questions

All the best

Hope to see you all in TCS.