Tata-ELXSI Whole-Testpaper Contributed by Prachodhe updated on Aug 2019

Hi to all

  Eligibility criteria for test is 80% in 10th or intermediate and 65% in BTECH/BE/ECE,EEE,CSE are eligible (in our campus some students ask that they have only 64%...they are not shortlisted first but they are accepted for writting the exam)  written test: it consists of two sections they came to our campus for product development.......... 1) Written test  and
2) Hand on test    written test:  
there are 100 questions and 90 min time which cover areas 1) verbal ability (simple ...articals ,,prepositions...synonms...passage) 2) analytical abilty( sets problems ,cube problems,some resoning questions (logical) 3) in this section they asked questions like
     they give series like this a)1894712    b)1893712 c)1894722 and asked whether a and b are same a and c are same  non of above like that...      + means - ....this type of questions......... 4) C questions ...most of questions are from basic concepts of pointers structure (not soo tough) 5) c++ or embedded :     in embedded they asked some questions like     task swithing,
    what is semaphore,
    mutux,8085 stack pointer lenth,
    priority inversion     highest priority interupt... etc   hand on test:
they have give a c program and 1hour time to do it on system....
program will be on our choise (c/c++)

C:   write a program which read sentence from key board and puts in a file name "xxxx.txt"  and the file should be N character width if sentence is more than that it should go to next line......... in this every word should be in a new node of link list.. there must be two tasks one for taking  data from key board and other is to print the data from linked list to specified file
C++ : they have given a problem related to prime numbers Tip: time management is important in writting written test and try to tell logic correctly even not done program By,