Tata-ELXSI Candidate-Experiences Contributed by Pooja.J.Prabhu updated on Aug 2019


Hi Friends,   We actualy had our aptitude 1st folwd by pre-placement talk.the apti was quite ok.i can say it was a mere luck to me.it had three sections.its written test.1st was verbal then quants folwd by technical.
verbal-articles, prepositions, passages(2)   Quants-cubes, number codes, alphabetic codes etc, sorry I don't remb much
tech-fo ec ppl-logic design, semiconductors, networks, uc, up nd fo c.s-it was frm al d subjects yo study in the whole engg   We had a pre placement talk wich was realy good. Out of 120 students 48 cleard apti.dey had actualy bifercatd it into two groups-direct h.r nd h.r thru tech if yo score realy well in d tech section of yo apti yo sent directly to h.r nd i was 1 amng them. Believe me it was jus my luck.

The HR was realy friendly. She made me read a passage frm a newspaper,den askd abt my family background,abt myslf..to tel a unique character abt myslf,wich n al cmpany i had appeard b4,y did i nt get thru them. She askd me to ask any quesn...pls dnt say dat yo got no quesn,dey feel yo got no interest in dat cmpany,dats hw many had gt rejectd.

My friends had been thru tech, they were been asked with basics, small programs, abt the project, bubble sort, selection sort etc.

I got my results at 9.30,nd i found 1 amng d 27 selectd students...i had been rejectd at tcs nd tech mahindra. I had lost hopes aftr dat...bt i had lots of support frm my frnds nd family who boostd up my cnfidence nd I friend myslf in the best company I would have ever thought of one of the cmpany were I would work on my talent(designing).

All the best for you do well.